The Covenant Library

"...immerse yourselves in this Ocean
in whose depths lay hidden
the pearls of wisdom and of utterance..."



Welcome to The Covenant Library. The purpose of this project is to bring Baha'i literature to the HTML format.

This library is designed for reference purposes. To that end, the works are hyperlinked not only internally in each volume, but also to each other, in order to make it easier to find references.

The presentation of the books is unusual in that the main text appears on the left, and items relating to the main text appear on the right side of each page. This allows the reader to read the main text of the book in an HTML browser, uninterrupted by footnotes or other items.

Items highlighted can be hovered over for a quick definition. For best results of this function, please use desktop versions of Firefox or Chrome browsers.

A big thank you to the friends who have proof-read the contents of this library to ensure the integrity of the works contained therein.

Many friends have asked for the ability to download all the books in this library for off-line use...I have asked the publishers for this permission but have not been able to secure it. Therefore, the only way to access this library is on-line at this time. If the situation changes, I will eagerly provide a link for the download of the entire library for off-line use.


Release History

1.12.0 Addition of Bahá'í Prayers February 2022
1.11.3 Addition of the Covenant Library Bahá'í Dates Calendar July 2021
1.11.2 Addition of the Covenant Library Unified Glossary May 2021
1.11.1 Addition of the Covenant Library Unified Index April 2021
1.11.0 Addition of The Dawn-Breakers, Nabíl's Narrative October 2020
1.10.0 Addition of God Passes By May 2020
1.9.0 Addition of Some Answered Questions January 2020
1.8.0 Addition of Prayers and Meditations September 2019
1.7.0 Addition of Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh September 2018
1.6.0 Addition of Gleanings From The Writings Of Bahá'u'lláh January 2018
1.5.0 Addition of Epistle to the Son of the Wolf April 2017
1.4.0 Addition of The Kitáb-i-Íqán December 2016
1.3.0 Addition of The Kitáb-i-Aqdas December 2007
1.2.0 Addition of The Seven Valleys And The Four Valleys March 2007
1.1.0 Addition of The Hidden Words January 2007
1.0.1 Various corrections to the four volumes of The Revelation Of Baha'u'llah October 2006
1.0.0 Addition of the four volumes of Adib Taherzadeh's masterpiece The Revelation Of Baha'u'llah December 2005
- - - Work commences on The Covenant Library August 2000