Wherever possible, translations made by Shoghi Effendi have been used in preparing this book. In many instances his renderings of individual phrases have been incorporated, but these are too numerous to list. Below are listed two categories of translation that have been used. One is a direct translation of the actual Tablet concerned, or of excerpts therefrom. The second category is slightly less direct: in a number of His later Writings Bahá'u'lláh used to quote passages from His own Tablets, but when doing so He often modified the passage from which He was quoting. Thus, when Shoghi Effendi's translations of such quoted passages--as, for example, in the Epistle to the Son of the Wolf--have been used, they have had to be adjusted to agree with the passage as it appeared in the Tablet from which Bahá'u'lláh was quoting, as it is these original Tablets that are here translated. Such adjustments are slight and have not been specially noted, but will be apparent to anyone who compares the passages as they appear in this book with the volumes from which Shoghi Effendi's translations are taken.    

ADJ The Advent of Divine Justice  
ESW Epistle to the Son of the Wolf  
GPB God Passes By  
GWB Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá'u'lláh  
HWA The Hidden Words (In Arabic)  
PDC The Promised Day Is Come  
SW Star of the West (An early periodical in which a number of Shoghi Effendi's first translations were published)  
WOB The World Order of Baha'u'llah (A compilation of letters by Shoghi Effendi written between 1929 and 1936)  

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3 -- The entire Tablet of Carmel (GWB XI)
10 23 'We, verily, have come...' to '...hath gone far astray.' (PDC p. 110)
11 1 'Open the doors of your hearts...' to '...grievous error.' (PDC p. 110)
13 6 'O concourse of priests!...' to '...His great glory!' (PDC p. 105)
13 15 'He that summoneth...' to '...that are on earth' (PDC p. 105)
13 28 'Let the Breeze of God...' to '...among the well assured.' (PDC p. 105)
14 1 'O concourse of bishops...' to '...from His Purpose.' (PDC p. 105)
14 16 'O concourse of monks...' to '...the All-Merciful.' (PDC p. 106)
14 24 'Bethlehem is astir...' to '...the Best-Informed.' (PDC pp. 106-107)
15 24 'I never passed...' to'...crucified upon thee.' (PDC p. 42)
23 1 'behave towards...' to '...honesty and truthfulness.' (GPB p. 219)
27 3 'O people of God!...' to ' to the world.' (ADJ p. 23)
36 17 'A good character...' to '...and the radiance thereof.' (ADJ p. 20)
36 31 ' "O Son of Spirit!"...' to '...before thine eyes." ' (HWA No. 2)
37 26 ' "We will now mention...' to '...Lord of creation." ' (ESW pp. 136-137)
39 26 'swiftly appearing newspapers' and 'the mirror of the world' (GPB p. 219)
39 30 'an amazing and potent phenomenon' (GPB p. 219)
51 27 'Knowledge is as wings...' to '... witness the Mother Book' (ESW p. 26)
52 6 'In truth, knowledge is...' to '...gladness unto him.' (ESW p. 27)
63 9 'Verily I say: The fear of God...' to ' not possess it.' (ESW p. 27)
63 21 'The Pen of the Most High...' to '...endued with discernment!" (ESW p. 28)
64 13 'O son of man! If...' to '...woe betide the wayward.' (ESW p. 29)
66 30 'The light of men...' to '...unity among men.' (ADJ p. 23)
68 17 'It is incumbent...' to '...the Provider, the Omniscient.' (WOB p.23)
70 16 'My imprisonment doeth...' to '...My pen to lament.' (ESW p. 23)
77 30 'Of all the tributes...' to '...justice to His Cause.' (WOB p. 100)
84 8 'O Afnán,...' to '...vain and worthless people.' (GWB XLIII)
86 1 'Every man of insight...' to '...God's holy Book (GWB XLIII)
88 24 'O people of Justice!...' to '...resurrection of all men.' (GWB XLIII)
93 30 'Incline your hearts,...' to '...the Most High.' (GWB XLIII)
117 19 'O thou who hast set thy face...' to '...wondrous station.' (ESW pp. 131-135)
121 26 'Admonish men...' to '...the Lord of creation.' (ESW pp. 136-137)
126 22 'In this Revelation...' to 'reigneth over all things.' (ESW p. 26)
128 29 'O people of God!...' to ' to the world.' (ADJ p. 23)
138 31 'Let your eye...' to '...your heart enlightened.' (ADJ p. 21)
155 -- All the Words of Wisdom, except for the thirteenth and fourteenth verses. (SW Vol. 14, No. 4, p. 99)
161 24 'Man is the supreme Talisman....' to '...rising hills.' (GWB CXXII)
163 24 'Behold the disturbances...' to '...reward and punishment.' (GWB CXII)
164 24 'In another passage...' to '...justice and wisdom.' (GWB CXII)
164 29 'Blessed is the king...' to '...completely transformed.' (GWB CXII)
165 5 'The Great Being, wishing...' to '...onslaught of tyranny.' (GWB CXVII)
166 5 'The day is approaching...' to '...reality and action.' (GWB CXVII)
167 19 'That one indeed...' to '...mankind its citizens.' GWB CXVII)
168 8 'The Great Being saith:...' to '...remedy it requireth.' (GWB CX)
169 12 'It is incumbent...' to '...influence upon men.' (GWB CX)
171 16 'Please God, the peoples...' to '...face of society?' (GWB CX)
171 28 'The winds of despair...' to '...beseemeth their station.' (GWB CX)
187 11 'As to thy question...' to '...hearken unto Our Voice.' (GWB LXXIX)
205 1 'He is the Almighty,...' to '...recorded in the preserved Tablet' (ESW pp. 79-82)
207 6 'O thou who hast gone astray!...' to '...insight and understanding.' (ESW pp. 82-86)
210 27 'Peruse thou the Kitáb-i-Íqán...' to '...horizon of certitude.' (ESW pp. 97-98)
211 29 'O thou who art gone astray!...' to ' clear ruin.' (ESW pp. 98-100)
213 27 'O My Supreme Pen!...' to '...the Lord of the worlds!' (ESW pp. 100-103)
221 23 'It is incumbent upon the Aghsán...' to '...the All-Powerful.' (WOB p. 134)
227 1 'Praise be to Him...' to '...another land rejoiceth.' (WOB p.136)
227 19 'Blessed, doubly blessed, ...' to '...His writings.' (WOB p. 136)