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[CLUI: The Kitáb-i-Aqdas]

References to the Text of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas are by paragraph numbers; to the Questions and Answers by question number; and to the Notes by note number. Other references are to page numbers in the usual way. Thus:

K14 indicates paragraph 14 of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Q10 indicates Question (or Answer) no. 10
n14 indicates Note no. 14
102 indicates page 102
Abá Badi, Q104
Abasement, K138, K158, n57, n58, n171
'Abdu'l-'Azíz, Sultan, n120
'Abdu'l-Bahá 3, n184, 252
appointment as successor to Bahá'u'lláh, 3, 13, K121, K174, 145, n1
Center of Covenant, n66, n125
He Whom God hath purposed, K121, n145
Interpreter of Word of God, K174, n130, n184
Most Mighty Branch, n145
appoints Shoghi Effendi as Guardian, 3, n66, n130
Divine Plan of, 4
Exemplar, 3
successors to, 3
Writings (Tablets)
individual works
Memorials of the Faithful, n183
Some Answered Questions, n75, n86
Will and Testament of, 3, n49, n66, n125, n183
not accounted "verses of God," n165
Abhá see Greatest Name
Abjad notation, n28, n50, n122, n172, 252
Ablutions, 146-147
before Obligatory Prayers, K18, 98-99, Q62, Q66, Q86, n34
before repetition of "Alláh-u-Abhá," K18, Q77, n33
before verse to be said by women in their courses, K13, n20
required even after bathing, Q18
verse to be said when no water available, K10, Q51, n16
verse to use when water harmful, Q51, n34
Abraham, n65
Abrogation of laws and practices, 4, 8, 159, see also Bayán, laws
Absolution of sins, K34, n58
Abuse forbidden
physical, K56, K148, n81
verbal, K19, 91, n37
Administrative Order, Bahá'í, 3-4, 13, n52, n82, n114, n189
Admonitions, 162
Adoration, Point of, K6, n7, see also Qiblih
Adrianople, K37, Q100, n33, n63, n190
Adult see Maturity, age of
Adultery, n36
forbidden, K19, 158
punishment for, 14, K49, Q49, n77
fine levied for each offense, Q23
coming of see Human Race
of maturity see Maturity, age of
old see Elderly
of retirement, n56
Aghsán, K42, K61, 161, n66, n67, n85, see also 'Abdu'l-Bahá; Shoghi Effendi
Ahmad-i-Ahsá'í, Shaykh, K157, n171, n172, n182
Ahmad-i-Kirmání, Mírzá, n177
Ahmad-i-Rúhí, Shaykh, n177
Aid see Assistance
'Akká, K85, K132, K136, n8, n63, n116, n127, n192
'Alá', month of, Q71, n25, n26, n27, see also Fasting
Alcohol, K119, n144, n170, see also Intoxicants; Wine
Alif, Upright, K157, n172
Alláh-u-Abhá see Greatest Name
Allegory, n2, n121, n127, n130
Allusion(s), 164
Alms tax see Zakát
American republics, 15, K88
Amity, 14, K144
Angels, K53, K170, n128
Anger, K153, 161
Animals, K9, K123, n12, see also Hunting
cruelty to, prohibited, 14, K187
Anniversaries, Bahá'í, n139, see also Holy Days
Annulment of laws see Abrogation of laws and practices; Prohibitions; Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh
Antichrist, n192
Antiques, n166
Apostle of God see Muhammad
Áqá Ján, n192
Aqsá Mosque, K85, n116
Ar-Rúm, n119, see also Constantinople
Arab(s), Q74, n192
Arabic, vii, viii, n28, n172
Bahá'u'lláh's mastery of 9
Bayán, identified, 252
of Kitáb-i-Aqdas, 9, 10, see also Kitáb-i-Aqdas
translation of specific terms, n3, n22, n32, n33, n36, n46, n48, n66, n74, n134, n181, n188
Arguments see Contention; Disputation
Aries, sign of, Q35, n26
Ark see Crimson Ark
Arms, carrying of, K159, 158, n173
Arson, 14, K62, 158, n86, n87
of reading and writing see Reading; Writing, instruction in
study of such as benefit mankind, 160, n110
Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh see Bahá'u'lláh
Asceticism, 14, K36, 157, n61
Ashkhabad ('Ishqábád), n124
Assemblies, Spiritual, Bahá'í, see also House(s) of Justice
membership, n50, n80
ordained, K30, n49
powers and duties of, n51, n100, n162
Assistance (Aid)
to Cause of God, K84, K159
divine, K53, K74, K157, 164
to king who will arise, K84
of laws, K4
with followers of all religions, K144, 159
between people of Bahá, n82, n95
Astronomy, n147
Attributes see Bahá'u'lláh, Names of; Names and attributes of God and/or Bahá'u'lláh
Aunts, K23, n38, see also Inheritance
Austria, 15, K85, n116
Authority, 13-14, see also Infallibility,
of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, 3, 13, K121, K174, n66, n130, n145, see also 'Abdu'l-Bahá
of God, K93, K161, K162, K163, 94, 95, 99, 100, 101, Q83, Q100
of Holy Text, 4-5, 13, K53, K99, Q10
of House of Justice, 3, 4-5, 13, K42, 91, n95, see also House(s) of Justice
of interpretation, n130, see also Interpretation of Sacred Text
of Manifestation of God, 14, K7, K47, K53, K81, K82, K132, K143, K183, n75, n160
of Shoghi Effendi, 3, 13-14, n66, n130, see also Guardianship; Shoghi Effendi
those in, injunction not to contend with, K95, 161
Auxiliary Board, n183
Ayyám-i-Há see Intercalary Days
Azalís, K164, n177, n190

B and E (the letters), K177, 96, n188
Báb, the
Bahá'u'lláh refers to, K135, K136, K140, K141, K142, K143
Birth of (one of Twin Birthdays), Q2, see also Holy Days
Declaration of see Holy Days
Dispensation of, 8, n109, n172
followers of (Bábís), K137, K140, K176, n178, n179, n185, n187
He Whom God will make manifest, references to 163, n189
commands to offer priceless gifts to, K114, n141
forbids followers to ask Him questions, K126, n146
identifies Qiblih with, K137, 145
laws of Bayán subject to His sanction, 8, n109
refers to as "Living Book", n155
Tablet to Him, K175, K176, n185, n186
tribute to Him, K135, K136, n156
House in Shíráz see Holy Places and Historical Sites, Pilgrimage
laws see Bayán, laws of
Martyrdom see Holy Days
nominated Mírzá Yahyá, n190
opponents, K166, K170, n178, n182
Order of Bahá'u'lláh anticipated, n189
Shrine of, n114
sufferings of Bahá'u'lláh foreshadowed, n1
Point of the Bayán, K129, K140, n150, n159
Primal Point, Q8, Q29, Q32, Q100
"Upright Alif," as symbol of advent, K157, n172
warnings of, n180
Writings, see also Bayán
Qayyúmu'l-Asmá', n1, n115, 253-254
Selections from the Writings of the Báb, n185, n186
Tablet addressed to Bahá'u'lláh, K175, K176, n185, n186
Backbiting, 15, K19, 158, n37
Badí' calendar, n26, n27, n147, n148, see also Calendar, Bahá'í
Baghdád, Q29, n54, n107, n138, n154
Bahá see Bahá'u'lláh; Greatest Name
month of, K127
number of, K30, n50
people of see Bahá'ís
Bahá'í Faith (Cause of God)
acceptance, K1, K132, K166, K182, n179
"Crimson Ark" refers to, n115
denial, K140, K167, K169, K170, K179, n171, n180
direction of affairs of, n67, n183, see also 'Abdu'l-Bahá; House(s) of Justice; Shoghi Effendi
financial support see Fund, Bahá'í; Huqúqu'lláh; Zakát
Head of see 'Abdu'l-Bahá; House(s) of Justice; Shoghi Effendi
Holy Places see Holy Places and Historical Sites
opposition to,
K73, K135, K164, Q57, n109, n177, n182, n190, n192
predicted, K37, 163
primacy of, K167
proclamation, K75, K80, K103, K118, K132, K134, K143, K163, K168, n158
propagation see Teaching the Cause
protection, n183
recognition as state religion, n49
relationship to Faith of the Báb, 8, K129, K136, K139, K140, K179, K180
service to,
14-15, K35, K74, K184, 91, n2, see also Service
attracts divine assistance, K38, K53, K74, see also Assistance
unity of see Unity
through aid of believers, K42, K94, K164, K178
through aid of Laws, K4
world administrative center, n114
Writings see headings under Writings, Bahá'í
Bahá'ís (believers, followers of Bahá'u'lláh, loved ones, people of Bahá)
conduct and character enjoined on, 14-15, 160-161, see also Conduct; Deeds; see additional headings under Qualities
duties, 145-162
observance of laws 15, K1
recognition of Manifestation of God 15, K1
enjoined, exhorted, 14-15, 159-161
forbidden various acts, 157-158
and non-Bahá'ís, K29, K75, K144, Q33, Q34, Q84, n38
to turn to 'Abdu'l-Bahá, K121, n145
Bahá'í World, The, n27, n139, n143, n147
advent, K82, K85, K88, K165, K177, n33, n108, n153, n158, n160, n172
Ascension, 1, K38, K53, K121, n9, n54, n125, n139
birth, K92, K110, Q2, n123, n138
captivity, n192
commandments see Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh
Covenant of, 3, K37, K121, K174, see also 'Abdu'l-Bahá
Arch-breaker of, n9
Declaration of mission, K75, n107, n138, see also Holy Days
describes Himself, n1, n160
exile, n33
House in Baghdád, K32, K133, Q25, Q29, Q32, n54, n154
infallibility see Infallibility
institutions ordained by, 3, 12-14, K30, K42, n49, n66, n67, see also Guardianship, House(s) of Justice; Interpretation of Sacred Text
Joseph, true, n1
knowledge of, beyond human knowledge, K39, K97, K175, K176, K177
Law(s) of see Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh
mastery of Arabic, 9
mission communicated to Mírzá Yahyá, n190
Names and titles, n23, n160
Ancient Beauty, Q100
Ancient of Days, K80
Ancient Root, K121, n145
Best-Beloved, K129, K141
Compassionate, Most, K150
Counselor, K52
Dawning-place, K74, K113, K143, K149, K186, n23
of Beauty, K68
of God's Cause, K47, n75
of Revelation, K42, K60
of Splendor, K15
of Utterance, K29
Dayspring, K3, K4, K102, K143, K186
of Divine Unity, K175
of God's Light, K85, n116
of Grandeur, K88
Of His Most Excellent Titles, K143, K173
of Names, K88
of Revelation, 15, K1, K80, K86, K109, K148, 99
of the Signs of God, K35, 97
Daystar, K92, K120
of Utterance, K16
Desire of the world, K1, K157
Fountain of God's Laws, K1, K50
He Whom God shall make manifest K135, K137, K139, n7, n48, n108, n141, n146, n155, n157, n158, n185, n186
Hidden Mystery, 96
He Who causeth the dawn to appear, K117, n143
King of Kings, 13, K82
Lawgiver, 13
Living Book, K134, K168, n155
mighty Stock, K174, n184
Mystic Dove, K174
Nightingale, K139
Ocean, Most Mighty, K96
Pen, K54, K55, K158
of the Eternal King, Q105
of Glory, 91
of His behest, K67
of His command, K68
of justice, K72
Most Exalted, K17, K41, K179, Q106, n24
of the Most High, K2, K16, K24, K86, K136, K142, K175
of Revelation, K5, K58, K63
Supreme, n24
Promised One, K35, K88, n108, n153, n158, n185, n190. see also Promised One
Redeemer of mankind, 13
Revealer of verses, K146
Sun of Truth and Utterance, K6
Treasured Symbol, 96
Unifier, 13
Vicegerent of God, K167, n181
observance of laws, K1
purpose of, K172
recognition of, n48, see also Recognition
effect on believer, K38, K55
exhortations concerning, K50, K55, K132, K134, K135, K136, K157, K183, n155, n172
to clergy, K41, K100, K102, K165, K166
to kings, K82, K85, K86
to people of Bayán, K137, K138, K139, K140, K141, K179
first duty of human being, K1
rejection of, K35, K41, K85, K139, K140, K141, K166, see also Rejection
relationship to the Báb, K20, K110, K175, K179, n108, n109, see also Báb, the
receives Tablet from the Báb, K175, K176, n185, n186
relationship to God, K143, n160
relatives of (Aghsán), 3, K42, K61, 161, n66, n67, n85
represents Godhead, K1, K86, K132, K143, K172
and "School of Transcendent Oneness", K175, K176, K177, n185
Shrine of (Most Holy Shrine, Most Holy Tomb), K6, n8, n54
sovereignty, K69, K82, K134, K167, n181
over hearts of men, 13, K83
station, K47, K142, K143, 162, n160, see also above Bahá'u'lláh, Names and Titles
successor, 3, 13, see also 'Abdu'l-Bahá
sufferings, 8, 12, 15, K86, K141, K158, K184, n1, n190, n192
theology, lack instruction in, K104
unlettered, K104
vision of, 1, 2, 11, K101
Words of, see also Interpretation of Sacred Text; Text, Sacred; see below Bahá'u'lláh, Writings
power and influence, K3, K54, K129, K136, K167, K169
sweetness, K3, K4, K54, K179
World Order of, 1, 12-14, K181, 163, n189, see also Administrative Order, Bahá'í; House(s) of Justice
Writings, 8-9, n189, n193, n194, see also Kitáb-i-Aqdas; Questions and Answers; Text, Sacred
disparities between Tablets, Q57
individual works
Hidden Words, n23, n37
Kitáb-i-'Ahd (Book of My Covenant), n37, n66, n145, n183
Kitáb-i-Íqán, n180, n182
Obligatory Prayers see Obligatory Prayers
Prayer for the Dead see Prayer for the Dead
Prayers and Meditations by Bahá'u'lláh, n23
supplementary to the Kitáb-i-Aqdas, viii, 8-9
Questions and Answers see Questions and Answers
Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh revealed after the Kitáb-i-Aqdas, 9, 89
Bishárát, n58, n61, n173
Ishráqát, 89, 91-92, n75, n109
Words of Paradise, n61
Súriy-i-Hajj, Q10, n54, n68
Tablet to Abá Badí', Q104
Tablets to Napoleon III, n118
Will and Testament see above Kitáb-i-'Ahd
integrity, K117, n143
seals affixed, K117, n143
Bahjí, n8, n54, see also Qiblih
Balance, Book of God as, 15, K99, K148, K183
Bastámí, Mullá 'Alí, n178
Bath(s), K106, n131, see also Cleanliness; Washing
Persian public, K106, 158, n131
description, K179, n108, n129, n158, n186, 252
Arabic and Persian, 252
laws, 2, 8, K142, n109, n158
abrogated by Bahá'u'lláh, 8
Destruction of books, K77, n109
fine for causing sadness to another, n163
marriage with a non-believer K139, n158
offering priceless gifts to Him Whom God will make manifest, n141
prohibition of asking questions, K126, n146
restrictions on travel, K131, n153
confirmed, amplified or modified by Bahá'u'lláh, 8
burial, n11, n149, n151, see also Burial
burial ring, inscription on, K129
calendar, n26, n139, n147-n148, see also Calendar, Bahá'í; Holy Days
carrying of arms, n173
dowry, amount of, n95
fasting, n20, n26
gold and silver vessels, use of, n72
hair and bones do not invalidate prayer, n12
Huqúqu'lláh, Q8, see also Huqúqu'lláh
inheritance, K20, Q100, 153, n38, n41, see also Inheritance
marriage, consent for, K65
mithqál, weight of, Q23, n78
Nineteen Day Feast, n82, see also Nineteen Day Feast
Obligatory prayer, n6, n16, n20, see also Obligatory Prayer(s)
pilgrimage, n55
prostration, n15
pulpits, prohibition of, n168
Qiblih, K137, 145, n7, see also Qiblih
renewing furnishings of home, n166
wearing of silk, n174
reason for severity, n109, n158
must not become a barrier to acceptance of Bahá'u'lláh, K179
People of, addressed, K137-K143, K176-K180
Promised One of, n153, n185, see also Promised One
quotations from, K135, K137, K139, n7, n48, n156, n157, n158, n179, n189
relationship to Kitáb-i-Aqdas, 2, 7-8, K142, n108, n109, n189
understanding of, K180
Beard, K159, 159, n175
Begging see Mendicancy
Behaviour see Conduct; Deeds; Qualities
Beirut, n192
Belief see Recognition, see also Disbelief
Berlin, K86, K90, n117, n121
Betrothal, Q43, 150, see also Marriage
Bible, n2, see also Gospels; Testament, Old
Bigamy, K63, Q30, n89
Birds see Hunting
Birthdays (of Bahá'u'lláh and the Báb) see Holy Days
Birthright of eldest son, K25, n44
care of, K155, n104, n144, n170, see also Cleanliness; Illness; Physicians
desires of the flesh, K2, K58, K64, n25
respect for, n149, see also Burial
Bones do not invalidate prayer, K9, 148, n12
Book(s), K186, n184, see also Bayán; Bible; Qur'án
of the Covenant, n37, n66, n145, n183
of creation, n23
destruction of, K77, 159, n109
of God, 13, K6, K47, K99, K127, K148, K165, K168, n155
Holy see Dispensations, religious, of the past
of Life, K138
Living, K134, K168, n155
Most Holy see Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Mother, 1, 12, K103, n129
Bosporus, n120
Bride see also Marriage
and dowry, Q39, n93, see also Dowry
and virginity, Q13, Q47
Bridegroom, dowry payable by see Dowry
Brothers, as inheritors, K20, Q53, n38-n39, see also Inheritance
Buddha, n160
Burial, 157
burial rings, K128-K129, Q70, n149
coffin, K128, n149
cremation prohibited, n149
expenses, K28, Q9, Q69, n47
one hour's journey, K130, Q16, n149, n152
prayer, 101-102, see also Prayer for the Dead
shroud, K130, Q56, n149, n151
Burning Bush, K103
investment in, K27
place of, exempt from Huqúq, Q95
Byzantium, n119
Calendar, Bahá'í, 157, n26
Based on solar year, n27, n138, n147
day, period of, n26
Intercalary Days (Ayyám-i-Há), K16, n27, n147, see also Intercalary Days
names, K127, n139, n148
number of, in a year, K127, n27, n147
number of days in, n27, n147
Naw-Rúz (Bahá'í new year), K16, Q35, n26, n139, n147
period of Fast see Fasting
position of Holy Days see Holy Days
Universal House of Justice to fill in details, n26, n138
Caliphate, K89, n120
Calumny, 14, K19, 158, n37
Cannabis, n170
Capital punishment, K62, n86-n87, see also Arson; Murder
Carmel, K80, n114
Carrion, K60, Q24, n83, see also Hunting
Catholics, n58
Cause of God see Bahá'í Faith
Celebrations see Holy Days
Celibacy, n91
Chapels, Q94
endowments dedicated to, K42
works of, K16, Q69, n29, see also Poor, relief of; Zakát
Chastity, 14, n170, see also Adultery; Homosexual relations
education, 14, K48, Q105, 157
daughters take precedence, n76
spiritual, K150, n40
financial support, in divorce, n100
and inheritance laws see Inheritance
respect for parents, Q104, Q106, 159, n92
Christ (Jesus), 13, n89, n171
title "Spirit of God," K80, n113, n160
Christianity, 13, n160, n180
Churches, Q94
Cities see also Ashkhabad; Baghdád; Constantinople; Holy City; Kirmán; Tihrán
development of, K160, 161
establishment of House of Justice in, K30, n49
establishment of Mashriqu'l-Adhkár in, K115
amount of dowry payable by, K66, Q87, 150, n93, n94, n95
definition, Q88
Civil law, 6
Civility, n74, see also Courtesy
Civilization, 1, 2, 13, K189
Claim to Revelation, K37, n62
by Mírzá Yahyá, n190, n192
Cleanliness, 161, see also Bath(s); Washing; Water
immaculate standard inculcated, 14, K74, n167
influence on spirit of man, K76, n104
to perfume oneself, K76
and refinement, K74, K151, n74, n104, n166, n167
to renew furnishings of one's house, K151, n166
Clergy (Divines), 5, 13, 14, K9, n158
addressed, K41, K99-K104, K165-K172, 162
opposition by, K164, n109
practices prohibited or abolished, n61, n135, n175
priests, confession to, prohibited, n58
Clocks, K10, Q64, Q103, 147, n17
cleanliness, enjoined, K74, K76, 162, n167
of deceased see Inheritance
former restrictions lifted, K159, n175
animal furs, K9, 148, n12
silk, K159, 159, n174
metaphor, K4, n1
Coffin see Burial
Collective security, n173
Coming of age see Human Race; Maturity, Age of
Commandments of God, n188, see also Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh
Commentaries, theological, n110
Commonwealth, world, n173, n183, n189, n194, see also Order, World
Compassion, beware lest causes neglect in carrying out laws, K45
Comprehension see Interpretation of Sacred Text
Concepts, human, n93, n181
Concourse (on high), K71, K76, K89, K132
circle around Qiblih, K6
promise of assistance, K53
Concrete, coffin of, n149, see also Burial
Conduct, 14, K73, K159, 159-161, n192, see also Deeds; see also additional headings under Qualities
Confession of sins, 2, K34, 158, n58
Conflict, n173, see also Contention; Sadness, not to cause; Striking a person
Consent see Marriage
Constancy, K163-K164, see also Steadfastness
Constantinople (Istanbul), 15, K89, 164, n107, n119-n120, n178
Consultation, 160
and House of Justice, K30, 91, see also House(s) of Justice
method of, Q99, n52
at Nineteen Day Feast, n82, see also Nineteen Day Feast
Contention, 14, K73, K148, 158, see also Disputation; Striking a person
not to contend
with authoritative interpretations of Writings, n130
with those in authority, K95
Contentment, K63, K66, Q26, Q38, n89
Controversy, n130
Councils see House(s) of Justice
Continental Boards, n183
professional, n58
Countries, development of, K160, 161
Couple, married see Divorce; Marriage
Courtesy, K120, 160, n74
Cousins, K23, n38, see also Inheritance
of Bahá'u'lláh, n37, n66, n145, n183, see also 'Abdu'l-Bahá
of God, K2, K149
Covenant-breaking, K37, n190, see also Azalís; Muhammad-'Alí; Yahyá, Mírzá
Craft see Work
all things purified, K75, n106
book of, n23
called into being n23, n188
Lord of, K11
purpose and knowledge of God, n23
Cremation, n149, see also Burial
Criminals see Punishment(s)
Crimson Ark, K84, n115
Crimson Spot, K100, n127, see also 'Akká
Crystal, K50, K128, n15, n149
Cursing, 91, see also Calumny
Customs, see also Hadíth; Dispensations, religious, of the past; Traditions
redefined and take on new meaning, n93
Cycle, divine, n170, n172, n183
Danger, times of see Obligatory Prayer(s); Prayer of the Signs
education, K48, n76, see also Children, education of
inheritance, K23, Q37, Q54, n38, n44-n45, see also Inheritance
David (King), n114
Dawn, prayer at, K33, K115, Q15, n5, n142
Dawn-Breakers, The, n171-n172, n178-n179
Day(s) see Calendar, Bahá'í; Holy Days; Intercalary Days; Nineteen Day Feast.
of the Covenant, n139
of God, K80, K88, K138
Dead, transportation of, K130, Q16, n149, n152, see also Burial
Death, see also Burial; Inheritance; Prayer for the Dead
punishment for murder or arson, K62, n86-n87
of spouse while on journey, K67, Q27, n97
Debasement, K123
Debt, K28, Q9, Q69, Q80, n47, see also Inheritance
Deceit, K165
Decision-making, Q99, n52, see also Consultation
good, 14-15, K1, K70, K73, 160-161
acceptance dependent on good-pleasure of God, K36, K73, K157, 163
recognition, K1, K161
rendered vain, K46
as snares, K36
Defilement see Cleanliness; Dirt
Depreciation of property, Q96
Deputies see House(s) of Justice
Descendants, Q6, n38, see also Inheritance
of Bahá'u'lláh, n66, see also Bahá'u'lláh, relatives of
of Muhammad, n85
corrupt, selfish, K2, K29, K39, K58, K165, n25
earthly, K89
wilderness of, K107
Destruction of books, K77, n109
Detachment, K54, K83, K84, K129, K178, n149
Development, social and economic, K160, n53
between marriage partners, K69-K70, Q19, n100
between people, K35
between revealed verses, Q57, Q63, n109
resolution by reference to Sacred Text, K53
Dirt, K74, K76, n105, see also Cleanliness; Dust
Disagreement, Q19, Q99, see also Differences
Disbelief, K141, see also Recognition; Rejection
Discord, 92
Discrimination, 14
Disorder, spread not, K165
Dispensation, Bahá'í, 1, 7, 12, 14, K142, K148, Q8, Q42, n19, n44, n126, n129, n160, n172
duration of, 1, 12, 14, K37, 156, n62
Dispensations, religious, of the past, see also Báb, the; Islám; Traditions
abrogation of laws by Bahá'u'lláh, 4, 8
essential unity of, n160
holy books of, 7, 13, K17, K19, K149, K163, n129, n155
law of primogeniture, n44
practices concerning
ablutions, n16
clothing, K159, n174-n175
destruction of books, n109
hunting, n83
kissing of hands, n57
marriage and divorce, Q31, Q43, n89-n90, n93, n101
monasticism and asceticism, n61
music, n79
prayer, n6-n7, n15, n135
congregational, n19
exemptions granted to women in their courses, n20
prohibition on questioning Him Whom God will make manifest, K126, n146
restrictions on travel, K131, n153
ritual uncleanness, n12, n20, n103, n106
Disputation, 14, K77, K177, n110
Dissension, 6, K183
Divines see Clergy
Divorce, see also Marriage; Remarriage
censured, 14, K70, Q98, n100
infidelity, K70
recovery of dowry, Q12, Q47
remarriage, K68, n101-n102
separation, K68, K70, Q19, Q98
due to absence of spouse, K67, Q4, n96-n99
year of patience, K69, Q4, Q12, n100
maintenance of wife and children, K70, n100
record of, Q98
and renewal of affection, K68, Q11, Q19, Q38, Q40
witnesses to, Q73, Q98, n100
Domestic help, K63, n90
Doubt, K134, K163, K164
Dowry, K66, 150-52
determining amount, Q26, Q87-Q88, n94-n95
promissory note, Q39, n93
recovery of, Q12, Q47
redefined, n93
Dress, see also Clothing
propriety, K159
Drink, intoxicating, 14, n2, see also Intoxicants
Drugs, habit-forming, K155, n170, see also Opium
Dust, K36, K76, K148, K150, n8, see also Cleanliness; Dirt
Duties see Bahá'ís, duties; House(s) of Justice; Learned, among people of Bahá
Earning one's living, K147, n56, n162, see also Work
East, customs in, n59, n64
Eating, plunging one's hand in food, K46, 158, n73
Ecclesiastics see Clergy
Education, see also Knowledge
areas of study
arts and sciences, K77, 160
languages, 161
of children, 14, K48, K150, 157, Q105, n40
daughters take precedence, n76
of humanity through Divine Revelation, K45, Q106
and Mashriqu'l-Adhkár, n53
Effigies, K31
Elderly, K10, Q74, 146, n14, n25, n31
Elections, Bahá'í, 4, n49, n80, n183, see also House(s) of Justice
Elements, transmutation of, n194
Endowments, K42, n66-n67
Engagement see Betrothal
Epistles see Bahá'u'lláh, Writings of
Equality of the sexes, 7, see also Mutatis mutandis, application of laws equally applicable to both
Equinox, n26, n147
Esoteric knowledge, n60
Estate see Inheritance
Eternity, K182
Evening, see also Obligatory Prayers; Recitation of sacred Writings and Verses; Sunset
definition (for purposes of Obligatory Prayer), K6, Q83, 146, 148, n5
prayer, K33
recitation of verses, K149, Q68, n165
times of the fast, K17, n25, n32, see also Fasting
Evil, K2, K37, K39, K41, K59, K164
Exemptions see Fasting; Huqúqu'lláh; Obligatory Prayer(s); Pilgrimage
not viewed as prohibitions, n20, n55
Exhortations, 4, 14-15, 143, 156-162
Exile, punishment for thief, K45, n70
Expenses, K28, K69, Q47, Q69, n47, n125
Face see Ablutions; Qiblih
Fairness, 14, K4, K40, K187, 160
Faithfulness, 14, K7, K97, K120, K149, 160
Faithlessness, K97, K149
Family, n76, n91, n133, see also Marriage
bedrock of society, n134
Fanaticism, 14, K144, 161
Fancies, idle, K17, K35, K37, K178, 160
Fasting, 4, 14, K10, K16, 148-149
age of maturity for, K10, 148, n13, n25
conditions, 148-149
abstinence from food and drink, K17, n25, n32
includes smoking, n32
hours, K17, n17, n25
duration, K16-K17, 148, n26-n27
during days other than prescribed, Q71, 149
exemptions from, due to
age, K10, 149, n14, n25, n31
Bahá'í Holy Days, Q36, n138
illness, K10, K16, Q93, 149, n14, n31
hard labour, Q76, 149, n31
menstruation, K13, 149, n20, n31, n34
pregnancy and nursing, K16, 149, n31
traveling, K16, Q22, Q75, 148-149, n30-n31
significance, K17, Q76, Q93, 148, n25
Father, K45, K107, n133
instruction of son and daughter enjoined on, K48, Q105, n76
son should serve, Q104
Faults, confession of, n58
Fear of God, K64, K73, K88, K120, K151, K167, K184
Feasts see Holy Days; Nineteen Day Feast
Feet, washing of, K152, Q97, n167
among Bahá'ís, K57, n82
with followers of all religions, K75, n173
Festivals, Bahá'í, K110, K112, Q1-Q2, 156, n138, n140, see also Holy Days
Fidelity, 14, K120, see also Faithfulness
Financial Assistance
to family during year of patience, K70, n100
to poor, n56, n161-n162
Fines, K52, K148, n163, see also Indemnity; Punishments
for committing adultery, K49, Q23, n77-n78
for having sexual intercourse during year of patience, Q11
Fire see Arson
Food see Carrion; Eating, plunging hand in food; Fasting
Foolishness, K51, K89, K178
Foot, travel on, Q75, n153
Forbearance, 14, K153
Force, use of, n170, n173
Forefathers, K10, K180
Forgiveness, Q47, n58, see also Sin
repentance and, K49, K184, Q11
Fornication, n36, n89, see also Adultery
Founders of the Faith see Báb, the; Bahá'u'lláh
Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria, 15, K85, 162, n116
Franco-Prussian War, n117, n121
Freedom see Liberty
Fulfillment, see also Religion(s) (other than Bahá'í Faith)
of promises, K156
Fund, Bahá'í, n125, n161, n169, see also House(s) of Justice
Funeral see Burial
Fur, K9, n12, see also Clothing
Furnishings see House(s)
Gambling and games of chance, 14, K155, 158, n169
Gandum-Pák-Kun (Sifter of Wheat), K166, 164, n179
Garden of Ridván, n107, n138
Genuflections, n4
Germany, n117, n121
Gifts, see also Dowry
charity, n162
at Intercalary Days, K16, n29
offered to Manifestation of God, K114, 159, n141
betrothal, Q43
education, n76
see also Daughter(s); Women
acts of, K11, n18
attributes of see names and attributes of God and/or Bahá'u'lláh
Bahá'u'lláh identifies with, K39, K86, K88, K132, K134, K143, K163, K168, n160
bounty or bounties of, 6, K111, K112
abolition of uncleanness as, K75
admonishment by God as, K169
evidenced by lifting of former restrictions, K159
evidenced by provisions of inheritance, K29, Q100
exemptions as, K10
Cause of see Bahá'í Faith
compensates for injustice, n86
Covenant of see Covenant
Day of, K80, K88, K138
Dominion of, K11, K126, K129, K172, n18
Essence of, n160
letter "Há" a symbol of, n28
Faith of, changeless, 1, K182
fear of see Fear of God
forgiveness by, K49, Q11, n37, n58, see also Forgiveness; Sin
of Mírzá Yahyá, should he turn to God, K184
of one who claims Revelation ere one thousand years, should he repent, K37
He doeth whatsoever He willeth, K47, K131
He shall not be asked of His doings, K161-K162, 163
justice of, K170
law of see Kitáb-i-Aqdas; Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh
love for, as motive for obedience to laws, K4, 163
manifests Himself, n23, n160, see also Manifestation(s) of God
mercy, K59
Names and attributes of see Names and attributes of God and/or Bahá'u'lláh
man enabled to manifest, n23
months of year named for, n147
Name(s) of, use, K18, K60, n33, n83
nearness to
not through asceticism, K36
fasting, n25
music, K51
obligatory prayers, n3
reading holy verses, K149
work, n56
oneness of, 2, Q106
praise of, K40, K50, K172
during Ayyám-i-Há, K16
in Houses of Worship, K31, K115, n53
purpose of, K125
to bind hearts together, K57
most people far-removed from, 6
recognition of Word and commandments, K3-K4, K7
remoteness from, K134
Revelation of see Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh
Right of see Huqúqu'lláh
standards laid down by, K17
terrible in punishing, K37
thankfulness to, K33, K111
trust in, K33, K153, K160
Will of, K47, K81, K97, K131, K157
reference to, in marriage verses, Q3
worship of see Worship
Godliness, K108, Q106
Gold, K36, see also Dowry; Fines; Huqúqu'lláh; Indemnity
utensils, K46, 159, n72
Golden Rule, restated, K148, 159
Gospels, 13, see also Bible; Testament, Old
Governments, see also Parliaments
obedience to, 14, K95, 161
Graves see Burial
Greatest Name (Most Great Name), K127, n33, n137, n148
numerical equivalent, K29, n48, n50
repetition 95 times a day, K18, Q77, 157, n33-n34
significance, K29, K51, n33, n48
Grief see Sadness
Guardian of the Bahá'í Faith see Shoghi Effendi
Guardianship, 3, see also Aghsán; Interpretation of Sacred Text; Shoghi Effendi
anticipation of institution in Kitáb-i-Aqdas, 13-14, K42, 143, 145, n66, n125
in consultation, Q99, n52
divine, 3, K143, n130
Guns, K159, Q24, n83, n173
Hadíth, n23, n33, n72, n129, see also Traditions
does not invalidate prayer, K9, 148, n12
length, K44, n69
shaving, K44, Q10, n68
kissing, K34, n57
plunging into food, K46, 158, n73
washing of see Ablutions
Handmaiden see Maid (female servant); Women
Hands of the Cause, n67, n183, see also Learned, among people of Bahá
Harm, K123, K155, Q94, n170, see also Bahá'í Faith, opposition to; Bahá'u'lláh, sufferings of
Hashish, n170
Head see Hair; Shaving the head
Head of the Faith, n66, n125, see also 'Abdu'l-Bahá; House of Justice, Universal (International); Shoghi Effendi
Health see Body; Illness
Heirs see Inheritance
Heroes, K94
Heroin, n170, see also Opium
He Whom God shall make manifest, see also Bahá'u'lláh
offering priceless gifts to, K114, 159, n141
questioning, K126, 159, n146
statements of the Báb concerning see Báb, the
Hidden knowledge, K29, n48
Hidden Treasure, K15, n23
Hindus, n160
Holy Books, K149, K168, Q106, n155
Holy City, 12, n114, see also Jerusalem
Holy Court see Qiblih
Holy Days, 14, 156
Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh, n139
Day of the Covenant, n139
Declaration of the Báb, K110, n138
during the fast, Q36
Martyrdom of the Báb, n139
Naw-Rúz (New Year), K16, K111, 148, n139
Day of God, n26
immediately follows Fast, K16, 148, n25, n26
timing of, Q35, n26, n147
Passing of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, n139
Ridván, Festival of (Declaration of Bahá'u'lláh), K110, Q1, n107, n138
first, ninth and twelfth days, Q1
King of Festivals, K112, n138, n140
Twin Holy Birthdays, K110, Q2, n138
Birth of the Báb, Q2
Birth of Bahá'u'lláh, Q2
during the Fast, Q36, n138
Universal House of Justice to decide whether to celebrate on solar or lunar basis, n138
two Most Great Festivals, K110, n138
Holy Land, K103, n114, n116, n183
Holy Places and Historical Sites
House of the Báb in Shíráz see below Twin Houses
Shrine of Bahá'u'lláh, n8, see also Qiblih
Twin Houses
and other sites, restoration and preservation, K133, Q32, n154
pilgrimage to, K32, Q25, Q29, n54, n68, see also Pilgrimage
Holy war, n173
Home see House(s)
Homemaking, n56
Homosexual relations, K107, 158, n134
Hospitality, 14, K16, K57, n29, n82
entering without permission of owner, K145, 158
furnishings, renewal, K151, Q8, Q42, Q95, 162, n166
sacred see Holy Places and Historical Sites
Twin see Holy Places and Historical Sites
House(s) of Justice, 3-4, see also House of Justice, Local, House of Justice, National (Secondary), House of Justice, Universal (International)
assures education of children, K48
charged with affairs of the people, 91
legislates on marriage between relatives, Q50, 150, n133
matters of state to be referred to, 91
composition, n80
number, n50
referred to as Deputies, 13, K147, n56, n162
referred to as Trustees, 91, Q50, Q98
ordained in the Kitáb-i-Aqdas, 13, K30, 145, n49
powers and duties, n51
receives fines for sexual offenses, K49, Q11, n77
receives one-third of all fines, K52
receives two-thirds of treasure trove, Q101
term used non-specifically by Bahá'u'lláh, n42
treasury, Q72, n42
House of Justice, Local, 3-4, n183, see also House(s) of Justice
administers divorces, Q98, 152, n100
financial assistance to the poor, K147, n56, n162
inheritances from missing heirs, K21-K22, Q6-Q7, Q28, Q33, Q41, Q72, Q100, 154-156, n38-n39, n42-n44
men and women eligible, n80
number, n50
ordained by Bahá'u'lláh, K30, n49
powers and duties, n51
House of Justice, National (Secondary), n49-n51, n80, n183, see also House(s) of Justice
House of Justice, Universal (International), see also House(s) of Justice
authority conferred by Bahá'u'lláh, 3
constitution, n51
divinely guided, 3
election method, 4, n49
establishment, K42, n66-n67
confined to men, n80
number, n50
powers and duties, n51
administers endowments, K42, n66-n67
future legislation
application of penalties for murder and arson, n86-n87
application of penalties for sexual offences, Q49, n36, n77-n78, n134
degrees of, and application of penalties for theft, Q49, n70-n71
manner of applying various laws of Bahá'u'lláh, n31, n69, n81, n84, n95, n161, n169
other matters requiring legislation, n56, n138, n169
legislative functions defined, 6-7
receives Huqúqu'lláh, n125
repeals own legislation, 5
Sacred Text, may not abrogate, 5
House of Worship see Mashriqu'l-Adhkár
Human Race (Humanity, Man, Mankind, Peoples, Peoples of the World) see also Society
addressed, K3, K54-K55, K107, K132, K174, 162, n23, n37
coming of age, 1, 11, K189, 163, n194
condition, 6, K39, K54, K64, K72, K122, n104
edification, K160
fast asleep, K39
and laws of God, 6, 15, 16, K1, K3, K7, K99, K124-K125, K148, K186
life of, revolutionized, K54, K181, n189
limitations of, n128
needs, 2, K124, K189
station, K119, K120, K123, 91, Q106, n3
unification, 2, 11, K58, n194
Humility, n3, n135, n168
Hunting, K60, Q24, 157, n83-n84, n173
Huqúqu'lláh (Right of God), 14, K97, 156, n125
conditions for payment, Q8, Q44-Q45, Q89-Q90, n125
estate of deceased, K28, Q9, Q69, Q80, n47
exemptions, Q8, Q42, Q95
real estate yielding no income, Q102
Husayn, Imám, n160
Husband see Divorce; Dowry; Inheritance; Marriage; Remarriage
Hygiene see Cleanliness
Hypocrisy, K36, 161
Idleness, prohibited, 14, K33, 158, n56, see also Work
Ignorance, K62, K122-K123, K144, K159
consult physician, K113, 161
exemptions during
fasting, K10, K16, Q93, 149, n14, n31
Obligatory Prayer, K10, Q93, n14
Immorality, n134, see also Adultery; Chastity; Homosexual relations; Sexual acts
Implementation of laws see Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh, application
Imposter, K37
for murder and arson, K62, n86-n87
for theft, K45, n70
Impurity see Uncleanness, ritual, concept of, abolished
Income see House(s) of Justice; Huqúqu'lláh
Indemnity see also Fines
for manslaughter, K188, n35
for wounding or striking a person, K56, n81
India, K36, n61
Indulgence, see also Negligence
in carrying out laws, K45, 160
of passions, K2, K64, 161
Infallibility, 14, see also Interpretation of Sacred Text
of Manifestation of God (Most Great Infallibility), K47, n75
of Word of God, K148, K183
Inheritance, 4, 14, K20, Q5, 153-56, n38
absence of heirs
female, Q37, Q54, n42
male, K26, Q41, Q72, n42, n45
other categories, K22-K24
teachers, Q28, Q33
allocation of shares and property, K20, Q5, n38
brothers, K20, Q5, Q6, n38, n39
half-brothers, Q6, Q53, n39
children, K20, K22, K29, Q5, Q28, Q33, n38, n41
female, Q37, Q41, Q54, Q72, n44-n45
male, K25, n44
under age, K27, n46
cousins, K23, n38
father, K20, Q5, n38
grandchildren, K26, n45
mother, K20, Q5, n38
nephews and nieces, K23, n38
sisters, K20, Q5, n38
half-sisters, Q6, Q53, n39
spouse, K20, Q5, Q55, n38
teachers, K20, Q5, n38, n40
non-Bahá'í, do not inherit, Q33
uncles and aunts, K23, n38
clothing, distribution of, K25, n44
used, of deceased woman, Q37, Q78, n44
debts, payment of, K28, Q9, Q69, Q80, n47
funeral and burial expenses, K28, Q9, n47
Huqúqu'lláh, payment of, K28, Q9, Q69, Q80, n47
intestacy, inheritance law applies only in case of, n38
jewelry, Q37, Q78, n44
non-Bahá'í relatives and intestacy, Q34, n38
residence, principle, K25, Q34, n44
reversion of inheritance to House of Justice, K24, Q100, n42
children's allocation, K21, Q7
male heirs' allocation, Q41, Q72, n44
other categories' allocation, K22-K23, Q28, n38, n43
trustees, appointment for underage inheritors, K27, n46
will, Q69, n38, see also Will
Instability of human affairs, 15, K40, 163
Institutions see Huqúqu'lláh; Marriage; Mashriqu'l-Adhkár
administrative, 3, 12-13, see also Guardianship Hands of the Cause; House(s) of Justice
elections for see Elections, Bahá'í
Intercalary days (Ayyám-i-Há), 14, K16, 148, n29, n147, see also Calendar, Bahá'í
position in calendar, K16, n25, n27
International Teaching Center, n183
Interpretation of Sacred Text, K105, K167-K168, n180, see also 'Abdu'l-Bahá; Shoghi Effendi; Guardianship
authoritative, 3, 10, 13, 145, n130, n184
individual, 5, K37, K105, 157, n130
Intestacy, n38, n136, see also Inheritance
Intoxicants, 14, K119, 158, n2, n144, n170
Investment, financial, K27
Invitations, K156, 161
Iran (Persia), n44, n122, n124, n126, n131-n132, n176
'Iráq, K37, n63
Isfahán, n179
'Ishqábád (Ashkhabad), n124
Islám, 5, n113, n120, n128, n129, n138, n160, n180
laws, n6, n15, n18, n89, n101, n161
practices and traditions, n19, n23, n33, n65, n72, n79, n85, n90, n103, n111, n174, n175
Istanbul (Constantinople), 15, K89, 164, n107, n119-n120, n178
Jacob, n1
Ja'far, Mullá, n177
Jerusalem, 12, n7, n114, n116
Jesus see Christ
Jewellery, Q37, Q78, n44, n166, see also Inheritance
Joseph, n1
Journey, see also Travel
Night, of Muhammad, n128
of soul towards God, n92, n128, n149
Judaism, n1, n65, n111, n180
Judicial officer, religious, Q98
Justice, see also House(s) of Justice
appearance on earth, K158
in Bahá'í laws, K56, K63, K70, K72, n86, n89
exhortations to observe, K26, K52, K60, K88, K134, K167, K187
of God, K97, K157, K170
Káf (the letter), n188, see also Land, of Káf and Rá
Kázim, Siyyid, n182
Khurásán, 15, K94, 164, n124
Kindness, K61, Q106, n85
Kingdom(s), K1, K79, K83, K84
of creation, K47, K94, K109
language of, K177
of Revelation, K91, K109, 99
King of Festivals see Festivals, Bahá'í; Holy Days; Ridván
Kings (Crowned heads), 13, 15, K85, K86, K91, n118, see also Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria; Napoleon III; William I, King of Prussia
addressed collectively, K78-K83, K87
who will arise to aid Cause, K84, 163
Kingship, n194
Kirmán, 15, K164, 164, n176, n177
Kirmání, Mírzá Áqá Khán, n177
Kissing of hands, 14, K34, 157, n57
character of, viii, 12-16
circulation gradual, 8, n126
Dispensations, past, relationship to
anticipated by Prophet Isaiah, 12
anticipated by writer of the Apocalypse, 12
embraces all, 16
Holy Books of, 2, 12-13
Bayán, 7-8, K142, n108, n109
laws of, 2, 4
provisions rest on their foundations, 1-2
English translation, vii-viii, 9-11
exhortations in see Exhortations
Guardianship anticipated, 3, 13-14, see also Guardianship; Shoghi Effendi
House of Justice ordained, 3-4, 13, K30, K42, 145, n49, n66-n67, see also House(s) of Justice
indicates Bahá'u'lláh's successor see 'Abdu'l-Bahá
laws and ordinances see Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh
obedience to, all are charged with, Q10, see also Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh
principles see Bahá'í Faith, principles of
prohibitions see Prohibitions
publication of original Arabic text, 9
revelation, 16, see also Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh
date, 8, 12, K98, n126
most signal act of Bahá'u'lláh's ministry, 12
significance, viii, 1, 12-16, K186
brightest emanation of Author's mind, 12
Charter of future world civilization, 1-2, 12-14, n189, see also Order, World
Most Holy Book, 1, 162
Mother Book of Bahá'í Dispensation, 1, 11, 12, n129
"Unerring Balance" established amongst men, 13, 15, see also Balance, Book of God as
summons to specific individuals and peoples, 15, 162-164
Synopsis and Codification of see Synopsis and Codification
warnings see Warnings of Bahá'u'lláh
works of Bahá'u'lláh supplementary to, 91-102
Questions and Answers, vii, viii, 9, 103-140
Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh revealed after the Kitáb-i-Aqdas, 9, 89
Knowledge, K138, n130, n194, see also Education
acquisition of, K48, K77, n76, n110
barrier to recognition of Manifestation of God, K41, K102, K166-K168, K170, n64, n171, n182
divine, K99, K101, K176-K177, K180, n128
esoteric, K36, 164, n60
hidden, K29, n48
purpose, K102, 163
Krishna, n160
Labour see Work
lamentation, K43, 161
of Berlin see Berlin
Holy see Holy Land
of Káf and Rá, K164, n176, see also Kirmán
of Khá, K94, n124, see also Khurásán
of Mystery, K37, Q100, n63, see also Adrianople
of Tá, K91, n122, see also Tihrán
Language(s), see also Arabic
learned for teaching Cause, K118, 161
universal, 15, K189, 163, n193-n194
Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh, 2-9, 12-16, 145-162, see also Kitáb-i-Aqdas
antecedents, n16, n20, n93, n168
to men and women equally, mutatis mutandis 7, n38, n133
progressive, 5-7, n89, n126
in relation to Civil Law, 6
binding on every Bahá'í and Bahá'í institution, 6-7
brevity, 4-7
central themes, 4, 13-15
characterized by Bahá'u'lláh, 15-16
breath of life, 16, K2
hearts will rejoice through, K96
keys of mercy, K3
lamps of loving providence, K3, K29
Most Great Law, K81
not mere code of laws, 3, K5
Water of Life, K29
weightiest testimony unto all people, 3
designed for future state of society, 5-6, n78, n86
elaboration and supplementation
by Bahá'u'lláh, 8-9, 91-92, see also Questions and Answers
by Universal House of Justice see House of Justice, Universal (International), powers and duties
embedded in spiritual commentary, 2
exemptions from see Fasting; Huqúqu'lláh; Obligatory Prayer(s); Pilgrimage
institutions ordained by, 3-7, 13-14
Guardianship, 3-4, 6-7, 13-14, see also Guardianship
House of Justice, 3-6, 13, see also House(s) of Justice
obedience to, observance of
benefits, K7, K67, K97, K148
brings true liberty, 15, K125
enjoined, K17, K29, K62, K67, K71, K147, K148, Q10
linked with recognition of manifestation of God, K1
love of God as motive for, K4, 163
negligence warned against, K17, K30, K45, K106, K134, K138, K171, Q105, 160
wisdom enjoined, 6
particular to men see Men
particular to women see Women
purpose(s), 2-3
establishment of love, harmony, unity, K65, K70
maintenance of order and security, K2
protection and elevation of human station, K45, K97, K123-K125, K155, Q105
revelation, 8-9, 12-13, K98, n126
significance, 15-16
supersede former laws and customs, 1-2, K138, n93
relation to laws of the Báb, 7-8, K65, K129, K139-K142, K179, n108-n109, n163, n168, see also Bayán
transgression forbidden, K2, K29, K30, K107
Law, civil, 6
Leap Year, n27, n147, see also Calendar, Bahá'í
Learned, among people of Bahá, K173, 163, n183
duties, n183
Learning, 163, 164, see also Knowledge
Legislation see House(s) of Justice
Liberty, 15, K122-K125, 163
Life, K106
Book of, K138
everlasting, K140, K150, 95, n40
imprisonment, K62, n86-87
purpose, 2, n91
Lost property, Q17, 157
Lote-Tree see Sadratu'l-Muntahá
Lotteries, n169, see also Gambling and games of chance
Love, K4, K15, K36, K132, n23
human, n134
and marriage, K65
LSD, n170
Lust, K64
Maid (female servant), K63, Q30, 157, n90
Majority vote in decision-making, Q99, n52
Manifestation(s) of God, n23, n60, n141, n154, n155, n160. n172, n180, n181, n188, see also Bahá'u'lláh; Báb, the; Buddha; Christ (Jesus); Krishna; Moses; Muhammad (Apostle of God)
infallibility of see Infallibility
next, 14, K37, n62
of past, K138, n126
Mankind see Human race
Manslaughter, K188, 157, n35
Marijuana, n170
Marketplace, K108, n135, see also Public places
Marriage, 4, 14, 149-152, see also Betrothal; Divorce; Dowry; Family; Remarriage; Travel; Virginity
absence of spouse, K67, Q4, n96-n99
death during, K67, Q27
choice of partner, K65, K107, Q30, Q92
consent of parents, K65, Q13, n92
monogamous, 14, K63, n89
not obligatory, Q46, n91
patience and unity between partners enjoined, K67, K70, Q4, n98
purpose, K63, n88, n133, n134
with relatives, limits. 7, K107, Q50, n133
with unbelievers, K139, Q84
verses, Q3, Q12
Mashriqu'l-Adhkár (House of Worship), 14, K31, K115, 156, n53, 253
children to recite tablets in, K150, 160
dawn prayers, K115, Q15, n142
dependencies, n53
prohibition of pulpits and sermons, n168
Material means, to make use of, K66, K113, 163
Maturity, age of, see also Human race, coming of age
for Bahá'í administrative purposes, n49
for betrothal and marriage, Q43, Q92, 150
for performance of religious duties, Q20, Q92, 146, n13, n25
Prayer for the Dead and burial rings, Q70, n10, n149
under-age inheritors, K27, n46
Mecca, n7
Medicine, n144, n170, see also Physicians
Meetings, Bahá'í, n19, n168, see also Nineteen Day Feast
Men, see also Divorce; Inheritance; Mutatis Mutandis, application of laws applies equally to both sexes; Remarriage
burial rings, inscription, K129
hair, length of, K44, n69
marriage verse, Q3
membership of Universal House of Justice confined to, n80
pilgrimage enjoined, Q29
servants see Maid
wearing of silk, K159, n174
work, injunction to, n56
Mendicancy, 14, K33, K147, n56, n162
during the fast, K13, 149, n20, n34
and Obligatory Prayer, K13, 146, n20, n34
Messengers see Manifestation(s) of God
Midday see Noon
Middle Way, K43
Mind, K122, n144, n170, see also Reason, power of
Mischief, K64, K123, 161
Mithqál, definition, Q23, n78, 253
Moderation see Middle Way; Propriety
Monasticism, 14, K36, 157, n61
Money see Charity; Dowry; Fund, Bahá'í; Huqúqu'lláh; Inheritance; Investment, financial; Wealth; Zakát
Monogamy, 14, K63, n89
Morality, implications of violating laws of, n77, see also Chastity; Immorality
Morning, see also Sunrise
definition (for the purpose of Obligatory Prayer), K6, Q83, 146, 148, n5, n6, see also Obligatory Prayer(s)
determining time, Q64
recitation of verses, K149, Q68, n165, see also Recitation of sacred Writings and verses
times of the Fast, K17, n25, n32, see also Fasting
Moses, n111-n112
Mosque(s), Q94, n19
Aqsá, K85, n116
Most Great Announcement, K167, n180
Most Great Beauty see Bahá'u'lláh
Most Great Festival see Holy Days; Ridván
Most Great House see Bahá'u'lláh, House of, in Baghdád
Most Great Infallibility see Infallibility
Most Great Law see Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh
Most Great Name see Greatest Name
Most Great Order see Order, World
Most Great Prison see 'Akká
Most Holy Book see Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Most Holy Shrine see Bahá'u'lláh, Shrine of
Most Mighty Branch see 'Abdu'l-Bahá
Mother, see also Inheritance
first educator, n76
Mother Book, K103, n129
Muhammad (Apostle of God), 13, n7, n85, n89, n128, n158
Muhammad-'Alí, Arch-breaker of Bahá'u'lláh's Covenant, n1, n9
Muhammad-Hasan, Shaykh, K166, 164, n178
Muhammad-i-Isfahání, Siyyid, K184, 164, n190, n192
Muhammad Karím Khán-i-Kirmání, Hájí Mírzá, K170, 164, n182
Muharram, Q2, n138
Murder, 14, K19, K73, 158, n35, see also Manslaughter
attempt on life of Bahá'u'lláh, n190
penalty for, K62, n86, n87
of Siyyid Muhammad-i-Isfahání, n192
Music, K51, 159, n79
Muslims see Islám
Mutatis mutandis, application of laws equally to both sexes, 7, n38, n133
Muttering sacred verses in public, K108, 158, n135, see also Recitation of sacred Writings and Verses
Mystery, Land of, K37, Q100, n63, see also Adrianople
Nabíl-i-A'zam, n172, n178, n179
Nails, paring, K106, 162
Najaf, n178
Najíbíyyih Garden, n107, see also Ridván
Nakhud(s), Q23, n78, 253
as barriers to recognition of Manifestation of God, K167, n180
of months see Calendar, Bahá'í
place names referred to by initial letter, n122
Names and attributes of God and/or Bahá'u'lláh, K18, K60, K110, 95, n23, n147
Almighty, 16, K6, K16, K37, K38, K40, K49, K80, K101, K163, K175, K176, K177, 95, 98, n86, n144, n170
Ancient of Days, K80, K86, K97, Q96, Q105
Answerer, K129
Avenger, K153
Beauty, K13, K38, 92, 96, 97, n20, n160
Beloved, 92, n3, n23
Beneficent, K97
benevolence, 97
Best-Beloved, K4, K80, K129
Bestower, K97
Bounteous (All-, Ever-), K34, K36, K151, K184
Bountiful (All-, Most-), K42, K46, K86, K97, K114, K163, K189, 95, 100
Compassionate (Most), K14, K24, K31, K45, K75, K129, K150, K179, 92, n23, n149
Compelling (All-), K40
Creator see Creation
Dawning-place of all signs, K169
Desire of the World, K1, K157, 92, 96
Eternal Truth, K54, K125, n23
Ever-Abiding, K14, K88, K104
Everlasting, K41, K86, Q105, n160
Exalted, K30, K56, K80, K94, K132, 92, 95, n144
Excellent (Most), K134
Expounder, K10, Q96
Faithful, K109
Fashioner, K97, K167
Forgiving (All-, Ever-), K10, K14, K49, K74, K75, K88, K151, K163, K169, K184, 100, 101
Generous (Most), K10, K16, K32, K75, K97, K114, K142, K169, 101
Glorious (All-), K9, K36, K50, K55, K73, K94, K137, 92, 95, n11, n23, n33, n137, n144. see also Greatest Name
Gracious (All-), K21, K34, K86, K97, K106
grandeur, K88, K177
Help in Peril, K82, K149, K168, K175, K180, 100, 101
High, Most, K2, K16, K22, K24, K30, K86, K136, K137, K142, K170, K175, Q100, n24
Inaccessible, n144
Incomparable, K18, K50, K53, K74, K76, K106, K143
Informed (All-), K40, K60, K97, K130, K143, K164, K189, Q101
justice, K170
Keeper of His pledge, K56
King of the seen and unseen, 97
Knowing (All-), K9, K39, K40, K52, K53, K56, K88, K89, K93, K123, K124, K130, K168, K189, 98
Lord of
Mankind, K8, K16, K26, K154
Men, 99
Names, K49, K132, 92, 95
Nations, 94
Religions, K31, K36
worlds, K10, K44, K85, K98, K138
Beginning and end, K16, K28
Being, K139, 96, 97
Creation, K11
Grace, K14
Judgement, K18, K56
Majesty, K14, K158, 94, Q106
Power, 16
Seen and Unseen, K11, K98, 97, n18
Splendor, K13, n20
Throne on high and earth below, K86, 96, 97
Utterance, K88
loving providence, 6, K3, K29, K75, K117
Maker of the Heavens, K18, 92
Mankind, Lord of all, K8, K16, K26, K154
Merciful (All-), 16, K2, K3, K7, K21, K29, K30, K35, K40, K73, K74, K86, K101, K107, K110, K116, K129, K133, K136, K137, K138, K139, K150, K158, K165, K173, K175, K178, K184, 92, 99, n51, n107, n149, n170
mercy, 16, K59, K136, K140, 92, 94, 95, 99, 101
might, K42, K82, K129, K177, 93, 94, 101
Mighty, K8, K39, K42, K56, K115, K132, K134, K183, K184, 98
Munificent, K25, K142, Q102
Omnipotent, K6, K24, K100, K132, K184
Omniscient, K6, K43, K60, K97, K110, K132, K138, K143, K146, K151, K159, K160, K164, K175, K179, Q96, Q101
Ordainer (Supreme), K6, K12, K24, K56, K81, K88, K110, K128, K129, K137, K159, 95, Q96, Q101, Q105
Pardoner, K8, K21, K34
Peerless, K86, n144
Perceiving (All-), K151
Possessing (All-), K2, K22, K94, K170, 99
Possessor, K64, K167, 96, 99
potency, K129, K175
Powerful (All-, Most-), K40, K103, K120, K132, 98
Praised (All-), K40, K49, K115, K134
Protector, K39, K78, K84, K100, K109, K167, K172, K184, 92
Reckoner, K123
righteousness, K83, K136, K141
Ruler (Supreme), invocation, K132, Q101, Q102
Self-Subsisting, K41, K78, K82, K100, K149, K168, K175, K180, 92, 100, 101
Self-Sufficient, K61, K182
Signs, Revealer of, K42
Source of
Command, K6
Divine inspiration, K1
Revelation, K82
Sovereign of Eternity, K96
sovereignty, K20, K78, K103, K115, K167, K178
strength, K44
Subduing (All-), K132
Summoner, n158
Supreme, K81, K109, K128, K129, K137, K180, n24
terrible in punishing, K37
True One, K33, K36, K71, K73, K80, K120, K166, K168, K176, Q94, Q106, n160
Truth, Sun of, K6, n8
Unconstrained, K54, K131, K166
Fashioner of, K167
Ruler of, n23
Unrestrained, K6, K18
Unseen, K30
Verses, Revealer of, K8, K36, K146
wisdom, 16, K44, K68, K98, K101, K177, K180, n86
Wise (All-), K12, K37, K39, K40, K88, K120, K132, K138, K146, K160, K163
wrath, K170
Napoleon III, 15, K86, 164, n118
Násiri'd-Dín Sháh, n177
National Spiritual Assembly see House of Justice, National (Secondary)
Natural events, fearful, K11, n18
Naw-Rúz, see also Calendar, Bahá'í; Holy Days
method of determining date, Q35, n26
Negligence, K40, K134, K171
Neighbor, behaviour towards, 2, 159, 161, n163
Nephews, K23, n38, see also Inheritance
News, n82
Nieces, K23, n38, see also Inheritance
Night, see also Evening; Sunset
determining of time for prayer and fasting, K10
recitation of Verses, K149, Q68, n165, see also Recitation of sacred Writings and Verses
times of the Fast, K17, n25, n32, see also Fasting
Nimrod, K41, n65
Nineteen Day Feast, 14, K57, Q48, n82
acceptable as witnesses, Q79, n99
and law of inheritance, Q34, n38, n158
marriage with, permitted, K139
parents, consent to marriage, n92
Noon, see also Midday
definition (for purpose of Obligatory Prayer), K6, Q83, 146, 148, n5-n6, see also Obligatory Prayers; Recitation of sacred Writings and Verses
North, extreme, K10, n17, n26
Numbers see Abjad notation
Nursing women, fasting and, K16, 149, n31
to government, 14, K64, K95, 161
to laws of God, K2, K7, K29, K148, see also Observance of laws of God
true liberty is, 15, K125
to results of consultation, Q99
Obligatory Prayer(s), 14, K6, K8-K14, K18, 92-101, Q14, Q58-Q67, Q77, Q81-Q83, 145-148, n3-n22, n25, see also Prayer; Prayer for the Dead; Prayer of the Signs; Rak'ah
and ablutions see Ablutions
verse in replacement of, K10, Q51, n16, n34
choice of one, Q65, 147, n3
exemptions from, 146, n20
when ill, K10, Q93, n14, n20
in old age, K10, n14, n20
in times of insecurity, K14, Q58, 147, n21
prostrations and verse in replacement of, K14, Q21, Q58-Q61, 147, n21
for women in their courses, K13, 146, n14, n20
verse in replacement of, K13
long (first), 92-98, Q67, Q82, 146
medium, 98-100, Q83, Q86, 146, n5, n34
movements and prostrations, K10, 146, n4, n15
noon day see below short (third)
Qiblih see Qiblih
short (third), 100-101, Q81, Q86, 146, n5
Tablet of, 92-101, Q63, Q65
when travelling, K14, Q21, Q58, Q59, 147, n21
Observance of laws of God, K1-K2, K17, K45, K62, K71, K97, K134, K138, K147, K171
love for God as motive for, K4, 163
Occupation, obligation to engage in, 14, K33, n56, n162, see also Work
Old age see Elderly
Oneness see God, oneness of
Opium, 14, K155, K190, n170
Opposition see Bahá'í Faith, opposition to
Oppression, K73, K88, K148, n170, see also Bahá'u'lláh, sufferings; Tyranny
Order, see also Administrative Order
in society, 16, K2, K64
World, 12-14, K181, 163, n189
Ordinances see Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh
Orphans, K21
Ottoman Empire, n119-n120
Paederasty, K107, n134
Paradise, K46, K106
Words of, n61
consent to marriage, K65, Q13, n92
duty to educate children, K48, K150, Q105, 157, n76
and inheritance see Inheritance
respect and kindness to, Q104, Q106, 159, n92
Parliaments, see also Governments
enjoined to adopt universal language and script, 15, K189, 162, n193
Passing of 'Abdu'l-Bahá see Holy Days
Passion(s), K2, K41, K64, K89, K184, 161, see also Desire
Path, Straight, K14, K112, K186
Patience, K87
in marriage, K67, Q4, n98
year of see Divorce
Peacekeeping, international force for, n173
Pen see Bahá'u'lláh, Names of
Penalties see Adultery; Arson; Fornication; Manslaughter; Murder; Rape; Sodomy; Striking a person; Theft
People of Bahá see Bahá'ís
People of the Bayán see Bayán, People of, addressed
Peoples (of the world) see Human race
Perfume, use of, K76, 162
Persia (Iran), n44, n122, n124, n126, n131-n132, n176
Persian baths, K106, n131
Perseverance, 161, see also Steadfastness
Perversion, source of see Yahyá, Mírzá
Peyote, n170
Philanthropy, n125, see also Huqúqu'lláh; Mashriqu'l-Adhkár; Zakát
Philosophy, divine, n194
Physicians, K113, 161, n134
permitted to prescribe alcohol or other drugs, n144, n170
Piety, K64, K148, K149, K157, n61, n135
ordained, K32, Q25, 156
places of, defined, Q29, n54, n154
shaving of heads, Q10, n68
women exempted, K32, n55
Plurality of wives see Monogamy
Point of Adoration see Qiblih
Point of the Bayán see Báb, the
Polygamy, n89
Pools, Persian, K106, n131-n132, see also Bath(s)
assistance to, K16, n53, n56, n161, n162
in educating children, K48
dowry payment by, n95
duty to offer to Manifestation of God abrogated, K114, 159, n141
evanescence of, K40, K86
Posture of unity, n22
Poverty, see also Poor
elimination of, K147
of God see God
of kings, K86, K93, n118
rational, n130
of the tongue, K160
Practices of former dispensations, see Dispensations, religious, of the past
Praise of God see God, praise of
Prayer, 4, n4, n25, see also Ablutions; Mashriqu'l-Adhkár
cleanliness enjoined when praying, K76
congregational, 14, K12, 147, 158, n19
dawn, K33, K115, Q15, n142
for the dead see Prayer for the Dead
evening, K33
hair does not invalidate, K9, n12
muttering in public, K108, 158, n135
natural events, fearful see Prayer of the Signs
obligatory see Obligatory Prayers
Prayer for the Dead, K8, 101-102, n10-n11, n149
congregational, 14, K12, n10, n19
when unable to read, K8
Prayer of the Signs, K11, Q52, 148, n18
Precepts see Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh
Pregnancy, K16, 149, n31
Preservation of Holy Places and Historical Sites see Holy Places and Historical Sites
Presidents, 15, K88
Pretender, K37, K117, K184, n190
Pride, 14, K41, K82, K86, K89, K122, K148, K149, 161, n64, n65
Priesthood, Priests see Clergy
Primal Point see Báb, the
Primogeniture, n44, see also Inheritance
personal, n52
solution of, 91
Profession, obligation to engage in, K33, n56, n162, see also Occupation, obligation to engage in; Trade; Work
Progressive Revelation see Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh; Revelation, progressive; Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh
Prohibitions, 4, 14, 16, 157-158
Promise(s), see also Promised One; Revelation, progressive
of Divine assistance, K38, K53, K74, 164
fulfillment of promise, K35, K80, K156, n160
obligation to fulfill, K67, K156
Promised One, K35, K88, n108, n153, n158, n160, n171, n185, n190, see also Bahá'u'lláh
fulfillment of promise of previous Dispensations, K35, K80, n160, see also Revelation, progressive
Proof(s), see also Testimony
of Bahá'u'lláh's Revelation, K136, K165, K167, K183
God, Revealer of, Q93
of independence of the Báb's Dispensation, n109
Aghsán have no right to property of others, K61, n85
of deceased see Inheritance; Will
held in trust, Q96
lost, Q17, 157
payment of Huqúqu'lláh, Q8, Q42, see also Huqúqu'lláh
real estate, Q102
concerning the Rhine and Berlin, K90, n121
concerning fall of Napoleon III, n118
Seal of the, n180, see also Muhammad (Apostle of God)
station of, 14, K143, Q106, n160, see also Manifestation(s) of God
bounds of, do not overstep, K123
in dress, K159, n175
in relation to music, K51
toward maid (or servant), K63, Q30, n90
under all conditions, K145
Prostration, K14
before another person forbidden, n57
on clean surface, K10, n15
compensating prostration, Q21, Q58, Q59, Q60, Q61, n21, n22, see also Obligatory Prayer(s)
of Bahá'í Faith (Cause of God), n183
laws of Bahá'u'lláh as, K45, K123-K125, K155, n86, n170
of self, K159, n173
Prussia, n117
Public places
confession of sins in, n58
muttering verses on, K108, n135
Persian baths, K106, n131
Pulpits, use prohibited, 14, K154, 157, n168
Punishment(s), 14, n86
reward and, 91
for various offenses
adultery, Q23, n77, see also Adultery
murder and arson, n86, n87, see also Arson; Murder; Capital punishment
sexual acts committed during year of patience, Q11, see also Sexual acts
theft, n70, see also Theft
using opium, n170, see also Opium
Whoso layeth claim to a Revelation direct from God, K37
of all things, K75, n106
of possessions and means of sustenance, K97, K146
Purity, see also Cleanliness
of water, Q91, n105
of heart, K116, K157, K175, K179
Qayyúmu'l-Asmá see Báb, the, Writings of
Qiblih, 14, K6, K137, 145-146, n7
focus for Obligatory Prayers, K6, 92, 99, Q67, n7
identified by the Báb as Bahá'u'lláh, K137, 145, n7
and non-obligatory prayers, Q14
and Prayer for the Dead, Q85, n10, n19
resting place of Bahá'u'lláh, K6, 145, n8

Qualities enjoined on Bahá'ís, see Association; Charity; Chastity; Civility; Cleanliness; Constancy; Contentment; Courtesy; Detachment; Fairness; Faithfulness; Fear of God; Fellowship; Fidelity; Forbearance; Forgiveness; Godliness; Hospitality; Humility; Justice; Kindness; Knowledge; Love; Obedience; Parents, respect for and kindness to; Patience; Perseverance; Piety; Propriety; Purity; Reason, power of; Refinement; Remembrance of God; Respect; Service; Sincerity; Steadfastness; Tact; Tenacity; Tenderness; Trustworthiness; Truthfulness; Understanding; Unity; Uprightness; Virtue; Vision; Wisdom


authority of God, K7, K49, K162
He Whom God shall make manifest, K126, 159, n146
Questions and Answers, vii, viii, 9, 103-140
Qur'án (the Book), 13, n1, n2, n16, n129, n188
Islamic practices not derived from, K9, n72, n79, n174
abrogated, K11, K68, n101
confirmed, Q106, Q107, n161
Radiance, attitude enjoined when reading Writings, K149, Q68, n165
Raffles see Gambling and games of chance
Rak'ah(s), K6, K8, Q63, n4, n6, n9, n20, see also Obligatory Prayer(s)
Rape, n36
instruction of children in, K48, n76
of sacred verses, K36, K138
manner of, K149, Q68, n165, n168
Real estate see Property
Reality, n75
Reason, power of, K119, n130, n144, n170
Recitation of sacred Writings and Verses, K116, K150, Q52, see also Mashriqu'l-Adhkár
of "Alláh-u-Abhá," K18, n33
of Obligatory Prayer(s), Q14, n3-n7, n19, see also Obligatory Prayer(s)
of verses, K149, Q68, n165
of Prayer for the Dead, K8, Q85, n10, n19
in public, K154, n168, see also Muttering sacred verses in public
of verse replacing Prayer of the Signs, K11, Q52
of verses alternative to
ablutions, K10, Q51, n16, n34
fasting, K13, n34
Obligatory Prayers, K13, K14, Q58, Q60
Recognition of, see also Bahá'u'lláh, recognition of
Bahá'í Faith within society, n49
Manifestation of God, K55, K80, K85, K100, K157, K182-K183, n1, n48
barriers (veils) to,
earthly desires, K39, K82, K86, n23
learning, K41, K102, n60
names, n180
religious leaders, K165, K167
removal of, K47, K132, K165, K171
scripture, K134, n155
and obedience to Laws, twin duties, 15, K1
result of, K7, K38
positions and aims of Bahá'í Faith, n49
precepts as a means of order and security, K2
purpose of Laws, K2
significance of Kitáb-i-Aqdas, 16
unity of God, Q106
verity "He shall not be asked of His doings," K161-K163, 163, see also Infallibility
Reconciliation, Q98, n100, see also Divorce
Refinement, K74
definition of Arabic word, n74
effect of, n104
Rejection, see also Bahá'u'lláh, rejection of
of the Báb, n178
of Bahá'u'lláh, K140, K166, K184, n190
of Him Whom God will make manifest, n185
Relief of poor or suffering, n53, n161
Religion(s) (other than Bahá'í Faith), K7, see also Dispensations, religious, of the past
followers, K73, n180
Bahá'u'lláh's precepts, Water of Life to, K29
consort with, 14, K75, K144, n173
refutations by, K168
leaders, K99, K101-K104, K165-K166, n64, n171, see also Clergy
Mother Books, n129
prophecies (promises), fulfilment of, K35, K80, n160
scriptures, 13, K136, K138, K168, n2, n160, n180
due to death of spouse, K67, Q27, 151, n97, n99
due to prolonged absence, K67, Q4, 151, n96, n97-n98
with former spouse, K68, Q31, 152, 153, 159, n101-n102
Remembrance of God, K40, K43
Repentance see Sin
Reproofs, 162
Republics of America, K88
Residence see House(s); Inheritance
for parents, Q104, Q106
for people of learning and accomplishment, n110
Restoration of Holy Places see Holy Places and Historical Sites
Retirement see Age
nature of, n23, n129, n160
progressive, 1-2, 8, 12-13
and authority of Manifestation of God, K129, n75
fulfillment of previous Dispensations, K80, K142, n108, n109, n156, n158, n160, n185
future, K37, n62
and recognition, K167, n155, n180
unity of Manifestations of God, K80, K103, K175-K177, n111, n160
purpose of, Q106
Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh, see also Bahá'í Faith; Bahá'u'lláh, Writings of; Dispensation, Bahá'í; Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh; Text, Sacred
Antichrist of, n192
birth in Síyáh-Chál, 8, n62, n126
interpretation forbidden, K105, n130, see also Interpretation of Sacred Text
metaphor of "Hidden Treasure," n23
Most Great Infallibility disclosed, K47, n75
principle of progressive revelation, K98, K183, n89, n126, n180
promises of former Dispensations fulfilled, K80, K142, n156, n158, n160, n185
proofs, K136, K165, K167, K183
recognition enjoined, 15, K1, K85-K86, K134, n1, n155
redefines customs and concepts of past, 1, K138, n2, n93
relationship to Faith of the Báb see Báb, the
symbolism of letter "vav," n172
Revelation, Kingdom of, K91, K109, 99
Revenge, n86
Reversal, Great, K157, n171, n172
Reward and punishment, 91, see also Punishment(s)
Rhine, 15, K90, n121
Riches see Wealth
Ridván, K75, n107, n138, n140, see also Festivals, Bahá'í; Holy Days
Right of God see Huqúqu'lláh, see also Inheritance; Lost property
Ring see Burial
Ritual uncleanness see Uncleanness, ritual, concept of, abolished
Ruler(s), K88, K89, K91, see also House(s) of Justice; Kings; Kingship
and learned, n183
Sable, K9, 148, n12
Sacred House see Bahá'u'lláh, House of, in Baghdád, Báb, the, House of, in Shíráz
Sacred Text see Text, Sacred
backbiting as cause, n37
not to cause, 92, Q98, 159
fine for causing abolished, K148, n163
Sadratu'l-Muntahá, K100, K148, 99, n128, n164
Saints, n160
Salát, n3 see Obligatory Prayer(s)
of God, K176-K177, n185
of inner meaning and explanation, K175
of Transcendent Oneness, K175
divine philosophy, n194
most firm foundation, K189
purpose, K77, 160, n110
Script, common, 15, K189, 163, n193, n194
Scripture see 'Abdu'l-Bahá, Writings; Báb, the, Writings; Bahá'u'lláh, Writings; Bayán; Interpretation of Sacred Text; Kitáb-i-Aqdas; Religion(s) (other than Bahá'í Faith); Text, Sacred; Verse(s), Holy
Sea of Purification, K75, n106
of the Prophets, n180, see also Muhammad (Apostle of God)
Tablets embellished with, K117, n143
Seat of Justice, K23, see also House(s) of Justice
Seclusion see Asceticism
Security, 16, K2, Q58
collective, n173
Sedan, battle of, n118
Self-defence, K159, n173
Semen, K74, 159, n103
Sermons, n168
Servant, domestic, K63, Q30, 157, n90
Service, 14-15, K125, K178, n2, n56, see also Teaching the Cause
exhortation to arise, K35, K38
exhortation to Kings, K82, K84
promise of Divine Assistance, K53, K74
Sexual acts, see also Chastity; Immorality
lawful, n134, see also Marriage
adultery, K19, K49, Q23, Q49, 158, n36, n77, n90
consequences, K49, n36, n77, n134
during year of patience, Q11
fornication, n36, n77
homosexuality, 158, n134
Sháh, n177, n182
Sháh-Bahrám, n160
Shaving the head, K44, Q10, 158, n68, n69
Shaykhí School, n171, n182
Shí'ih Islám, n109, n160, n178, see also Islám
practices, n85, n90, n103, n175
Shíráz, n138, see also Báb, the, House of, in Shíráz
Shoghi Effendi (Guardian of the Bahá'í Faith), vii, 254, see also Guardianship; Aghsán
Divine Plan, implementation of, 4
Guardian of the Faith, 3, n66, n125, n130
Hands of the Cause, appointment, n183
Interpreter of Sacred Text, 3, 4, n130
and Kitáb-i-Aqdas, 6-7
annotations to, viii
description in God Passes By, viii, 12-16
synopsis and codification, vii
translation, 9-10
passing of, n66, n67, n183
individual works
God Passes By, 12-16, n108, n158, n190-n192
World Order of Bahá'u'lláh, The, n173, n189
Shrines see Báb, the; Bahá'u'lláh
Shroud see Burial
Sickness see Illness
Sifter of Wheat see Gandum-Pák-Kun
for shrouds, K130, n149, n151
wearing of, K159, 159, n174, see also Clothing
Silver, see also Dowry
utensils, K46, 159, n72
confession of, K34, n58
forgiveness of, K49, K184, Q11, Q47, 101, n37, n58
repentance, K34, K37, K49, K184
Sincerity K29, K108, Q106, n95
Singing, K51, see also Music
Sisters see Inheritance
Sites, Historical see Holy Places and Historical Sites
Sitting, K154, n168
associated with Obligatory Prayers, 96, 98, 100, Q81
associated with compensatory verses, Q58, n22
in Mashriqu'l-Adhkár, K115
when repeating "Alláh-u-Abhá," K18
Six Year Plan, vii
Síyáh-Chál, 8, n62, n126, 254
Skills, n162, see also Profession, obligation to engage in
Slander, n37, see also Calumny
Slavery, prohibition of, 14, K72, 157
Sloth, 14, K33, 158, n56, see also Mendicancy
Smoking, n32
condition, 11, K39, K40, K124, n170
divine law in response to conditions of, 2, 5, 6, 91, n89
effect of Divine Revelation, 1, K54, K75, K79, K110, K181, n93, n106, n109
foundation, n134
function of wealth, n38
future state, 1-2, 6, 12, 14, K189, n56, n173, n189, n194
institutions vital to, 91, n53, n82, n134
role of
to promote industriousness, n56
to promote justice, n86, n173
role of divine law, 1-3, 4-5, 12, 13, K3, K29, K99, K186, 91, n92
role of individual, K120, K144, K173, Q71, n56, n61, n76, n110
Sodomy, K107, Q49, n134
Son, eldest, n38, n44, n66, see also Inheritance
Sorrow see Sadness
condition of sanctified, Q68, n23
hindrances, K161-K163, n134, n170
influence of Divine Revelation, K54, K55, K148, 94, 95, n23
of Manifestation of God, n160, see also Manifestations of God
upliftment of, K51, K149, K161, K163, n25, n79, n104
South, extreme, K10, n17
Sovereign, Sign of the, K157, n171
of Bahá'í Faith, n26, n49
of God, K74, K172, K182
relation to kingship, K82
Speech, K160, see also Languages; Recitation of sacred Writings and Verses
to assist God through, K73
manner of delivery, n168
of God, title for Jesus Christ, K80, n113
Holy, K37, n23, n160
Spot, in reference to
'Akká, K37, K81, K100, n63, n127
Baghdád, K133, Q32, n154
Constantinople, K89, n120
Garden of Ridván, n107
Qiblih, K6, n7, n8
Shíráz, K133, Q32, n154
Spouse see Adultery; Divorce; Inheritance; Marriage
Spring equinox, n26
to deliver talks, n168
movements of Obligatory Prayer, 92, 93, 95, 96, 99, n4
for recitation of Prayer for the Dead, n10, n19
State, matters of, 91, see also House(s) of Justice
Statutes of God, 15-16, see also Kitáb-i-Aqdas; Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh
Steadfastness, K134, K164, K173, K183, see also Obedience
Stealing see Theft
Step-parent, marriage with forbidden, 7, K107, 150, n133
Stewards, Chief, n183, see also Hands of the Cause
Straight Path, 15, K14, K186
Street, muttering sacred verses in, K108, 158, n135, see also Public places
Strife, K169, 92, n173, see also Conflict
Striking a person, K148, 158
penalties for, K56, n81
Study of
arts and sciences, K77, 160, n110
Kitáb-i-Aqdas, viii, 7
languages, K118, 161, see also Language(s)
teachings, K149, K182, see also Interpretation of Sacred Text
Subh-i-Azal see Yahyá, Mírzá
Succession, n181, see also 'Abdu'l-Bahá; Shoghi Effendi; Yahyá, Mírzá; Ahmad-i-Ahsá'í, Shaykh
Suffering of Bahá'u'lláh see Bahá'u'lláh, sufferings
Summons of Bahá'u'lláh to
divines, K104, see also Clergy
human race, K59
kings, K82
people of Bahá, K84
Sun as symbol for
laws, K7, K108
Manifestation of God, K6, K41, K53, n8
Sunní Islám, leaders of, n120, see also Islám
prayer at dawn, K33
in the Mashriqu'l-Adhkár, K115, Q15, n142
time for Obligatory Prayer, Q83, 146, 147, n5, see also Obligatory Prayer(s)
times for Fast, K17, n25, n32, see also Fasting
Sunset (Sundown)
determining date of Naw-Rúz, Q35
time for Obligatory Prayer, Q83, 146, 147, n5, see also Obligatory Prayer(s)
times for Fast, K17, n25, n32, see also Fasting
Supplication see Prayer
Synopsis and Codification, vii-viii, 141-164
Tablet(s) (Writings) of
'Abdu'l-Bahá see 'Abdu'l-Bahá, Writings
the Báb see Báb, the, Writings; Bayán
Bahá'u'lláh see Bahá'u'lláh, Writings; Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Tact, 6, K73, 160
Tax, n85, see also Zakát
Teacher, see also Inheritance
of Bahá'í Faith see Teaching the Cause
divine see Manifestations of God
and spiritual education of child, n40
Teaching the Cause, 159, n183
to children, K150, 160, see also Children
exhortations to arise, see also Service
to all, 14, K38, K53
to kings, K84
to "learned," K173
to religious leaders, K169
exhortation to assist teachers, K117, 160
learning languages, for purpose of, K118, 161
power of the tongue, K73, K160
promise of divine assistance, K38, K53, K74
station of, K117
who depart from the Writings, K117, 160
Temper, not to lose, K153, 91-92, 161
Temple, see also Mashriqu'l-Adhkár
of human body, K96, K120, K155, n160
of Manifestation of God, K86
Temple Mount, Jerusalem, n116
Tenacity K74, see also Steadfastness
Tenderness, K126, K184, 92
Testament see Covenant; Will
Old, n1, see also Bible; Gospels
Testimony, 16, K136, K140, K165, K167, K170, see also Proof(s)
will and testament, K109, n137, see also Will
of witnesses (legal), K67, Q79, n99, see also Witnesses, just
Text, Sacred (Words of Bahá'u'lláh), see also Interpretation of Sacred Text; Kitáb-i-Aqdas; Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh; Recitation of sacred Writings and Verses; Translation of Bahá'í Writings; Writings
Arabic, use of, 9-10
authority and integrity, K53, K117, 160, n143
deviation from, K117, 160
publication, vii-viii
reading from pulpits prohibited, n168, see also Recitation of sacred Writings and Verses
reference to, in resolving differences, K53, 160
revelation, K184, Q57
study, 7, K149, K182, 160
translation, 9-11
Theft, 158
punishments specified, 14, K45, Q49, n70
mark on brow of thief, K45, n71
of superseded Obligatory Prayer, n9
Theology, n110
Throne, K133, see also Holy Places and Historical Sites
Tihrán, n122
apostrophe addressed to, 15, K91-K92, 163
birthplace of
Bahá'u'lláh, n123
revelation of Bahá'u'lláh, 8, n62, n126
Tithes see Zakát
Title see 'Abdu'l-Bahá; Báb, the; Names and attributes of God and/or Bahá'u'lláh
Tongue see Backbiting; Language(s); Speech
Town see Cities; City-dweller
Trade, see also Occupation, obligation to engage in; Profession, obligation to engage in; Work
in slaves, K72, 157
Traditions, n2, n22, n65, n114, see also Customs; Dispensations, religious, of the past; Hadíth
Training see Education
Transgression(s), K143, K155, K162
of bounds of propriety, n175
confession of, 2, K34, 158, n58
of laws of God, K29, Q94, n37
Translation of Bahá'í Writings, 9-11, see also Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Transmutation of elements, n194
during Fast, K16, Q22, Q75, 148-149, n30
and marital relations, K67, K69, Q4, Q27, 151, 153, n96-n99
and pilgrimage, n55
Obligatory Prayer during, K14, Q21, Q58-Q61, 147, n21-n22
removal of restrictions in Bayán, K131, 159, n153
Treachery, n1, n190
Hidden, K15, n23
trove, Q101, 157
Treasury, Q72, n42, see also House(s) of Justice
Tree beyond which there is no passing see Sadratu'l-Muntahá
Trespass(es), K73
in God, K33, K153, K160
property in, Q96, 157, see also Trustees
Trusted ones of the Merciful (Trustees), 13, K30, 91, n51, see also House(s) of Justice
of the House of Justice see House(s) of Justice
in inheritance law, K27, n46
Trustworthiness, 14, K120, Q106, 160, n46
of Bahá'u'lláh's words, K70, K134, K182-K184
and knowledge, n110
of Law(s) of Bahá'u'lláh, K3, K7, K162-K163
of Manifestations of God, n75, n160
power of, K38, K64, K98, K140, K142
Sun of, K6, n8
Truthfulness, 14, K120, Q106, 160
Turkey, n120
Twin Birthdays see Holy Days
Tyranny, K86, K89, K141, see also Oppression
'Údí Khammár, 12
Unanimity in decision-making, Q99, n52
Unbeliever see Non-Bahá'í(s)
Uncles, K23, n38, see also Inheritance
Uncleanness, ritual concept abolished, K75, 159, n20, n103, n106
Understanding, see also Vision
and consultation, n52
of individuals and interpretation, K167, n130, n180
the Law(s) of God, 2
and recognition, 14, K140, Q106, see also Recognition
of Bahá'ís, 16, K57-K58, K65, K70, 161, n82, n95
of Bahá'í Faith, 5, 8, 13
of Manifestations of God, n160
of mankind, 11, 13, K189, n173, n194
posture of, n22
Universal House of Justice see House of Justice, Universal
"Upright Alif," K157, n172
Uprightness, Q106
Utensils, gold and silver, K46, 159, n72
Utterance see Speech
Vanity, K36
vain imaginings, K17, K41, K132, K165, 98, 160
Vassals, K82, see also Kings
Veils, K132, K165, K171, 92, see also Detachment; Recognition
of concealment, K47, K175, K176
created by Divines K165, K167
of earthly desires K50, K82, K86, n23
of learning K102, n60
of names, K167, n180
Vengeance, n86, see also Revenge
Verity see Truth
Vernal equinox, n26
Verse(s), Holy, see also Writings, Bahá'í
allegorical, n130
definition, n165
disparities between, Q57, Q63, n109
effect of, K116, K148-K149
recitation see Recitation of sacred Writings and Verses
in replacement of
ablutions, K10, Q51, n34
fasting, K13, n34
Obligatory Prayers, K13-K14, Q58, Q60, 147, n20-n21, see also Obligatory Prayer(s)
marriage verses Q3, see also Marriage
reflection upon, K136
Vicegerency, K167, n181
Victory of Bahá'í Faith see Bahá'í Faith, victory
Viláyat, n181
Village, House of Worship in every, K115, n53
Village dweller
amount of dowry payable by, K66, Q87, 150, n93-n95
definition of, Q88
Vineyard of God, n114
Violence forbidden, n170, see also Abuse forbidden; Contention; Murder
and dowry, Q47, 151-152
and parental consent to marriage, Q13, 150
Virtue, K71
Vision, see also Understanding
of Bahá'u'lláh
universal, 1-2, 11
unrivaled, K101
Wages payable to servants, Q30, n90, see also Slavery, prohibition of
War n173
holy, n173-n174
Warnings of Bahá'u'lláh, 162-164
to Constantinople, K89, n120
to ecclesiastical leaders, 13, see also Clergy
to followers, 14
to kings of the earth, K82
about falsely claiming revelation from God, K37
about opposition to the Faith, K37, 163, n63
to William I, 15, K86
Washing, K74, K76, 162, n34, see also Cleanliness; Water
of face see Ablutions
of feet, K152, Q97, n167
of hands see Ablutions
oneself, K106, n131-n132
of soiled things, K74, K76, n105
Watches, Q64
Water, K57, K135, 162
for ablutions, Q51, see also Ablutions
all created out of, K148
in Persian pools, K106, n131-n132
definition, Q91
use required, K74, K106, n105
as symbol, K29, K50, K54, K80, K135
for washing
oneself, K106
things, K74, n105
warm recommended, Q51, Q97, n167
Wealth, K40, K48, see also Charity; Money; Possessions; Property
and charity, K147, n162
and dowry, K66, n95, see also Dowry
and Huqúqu'lláh, Q90, see also Huqúqu'lláh
and obligation to work, n56
social function, n38
Weapons, n83, n173
Wedding, see also Betrothal; Dowry; Marriage
must occur within ninety-five days of betrothal, Q43
Wedlock see Marriage
Week, n147, see also Calendar, Bahá'í
Welfare, Q101, see also Mashriqu'l-Adhkár
Wheat, Sifter of see Gandum-Pák-Kun
Wickedness, K64, K123
Widow(s), K21, K89
Wife see Divorce; Dowry; Inheritance; Marriage; Remarriage
Will, see also Inheritance; Intestacy
adornment with Greatest Name, K109, n137
obligation to write, 14, K109, 157, n136
owners jurisdiction over disposition of property, Q69, n38, n136
Will of God see God
Will and Testament
of 'Abdu'l-Bahá see 'Abdu'l-Bahá, Writings of
of Bahá'u'lláh see Bahá'u'lláh, Writings of
William I, King of Prussia, 15, K86, 162, n117-n118
Wine, 14, n144, see also Intoxicants
as symbol, K4-K5, K150, K173, n2
Divine, K45, K53, K68, K97, K182
in laws and teachings, K29, K33, n86, n89
related to coming maturity of mankind, n194
required in availing oneself of exemptions, n20
required in observing laws of God, 6
Witnesses, just
definition, Q79, n99
to spouses death, K67, Q79, n99
to year of patience, Q73, Q98, n100, see also Divorce
Women, see also Betrothal; Divorce; Education; Inheritance; Maid (female servant); Marriage; Mutatis mutandis, application of laws equally to both sexes; Remarriage; Wife
burial rings, inscription, K129
concept of uncleanness in courses abolished, n20
eligibility as members of Spiritual Assemblies (Houses of Justice), n80
fasting, exemptions from, K13, 149, n20, n31
marriage verse, Q3
obligatory prayer, exemptions from, K13, 146, n20, n34
pilgrimage, exemption from, K32, n55
Prayer for the Dead reworded, 102
servants see Maid, (female servant)
trade or profession, n56
Wood for coffins, K128, n149, see also Burial
of Bahá'u'lláh see Bahá'u'lláh, Writings of; Recitation of sacred Writings and Verses; Text, Sacred
definition of "Be", n188
and expression of spiritual realities, K116, n4
as veil to recognition of Revelation, K117, K167, n180
Word of God, K54, K55, K167, K169, n180
injunction to recite, K149, Q68, see also Recitation of sacred Writings and Verses
revealed by manifestations of God, n75, n143, n155, n165, n180
exalted to rank of worship, 14, K33, 157, n56
heavy, during the fast, Q76, n31
homemaking, n56
obligation to engage in trade or profession, 14, K33, 157, n56, n162
suspension on Holy Days, Q1
Works, see also Deeds
acceptability dependent of God, K36, K167
God independent of man's, K59
World, see also Human Race; Society
civilization, 1, K181, see also Bahá'u'lláh, World Order of; Commonwealth, world; Order, world
equilibrium upset, K181, n189
language see Language(s), universal
maturity, n194
unification of, 1, 2
Worlds, spiritual, K79, K166, K177
Greater and Lesser, K55, n23
World Order of Bahá'u'lláh, The, n173, n189
Worship, see also Fasting; Obligatory Prayer(s); Prayer
acceptability to God, K36, n60
House of Worship see Mashriqu'l-Adhkár
obligation, K78, K184, 91, Q106
recitation of verses, K149, see also Recitation of sacred Writings and Verses
work exalted to rank of see Work
Wounding a person, K56, n81
Wrangling see Disputation
Writing, instruction in, K48, n76, see also Will
Bahá'í see 'Abdu'l-Bahá, Writings; Báb, the, Writings; Bahá'u'lláh, Writings; Bayán; Interpretation of Sacred Text; Kitáb-i-Aqdas; Recitation of sacred Writings and Verses; Shoghi Effendi, Writings of; Text, Sacred; Translation of Bahá'í Writings; Verse(s), Holy
Islamic, n113, see also Islám; Qur'án
of Shaykh Muhammad-Hasan, n178
Yá Bahá'u'l-Abhá see Greatest Name
Yahyá, Mírzá (Subh-i-Azal), 15, K184, K190, n177, n190-n192
assurance of forgiveness should he repent, K184, 163
followers of, n177
Year, see also Calendar, Bahá'í
length of, n27, n62, n147
of patience see Divorce
of waiting see Lost Property
Zakát (Tithes), K146, Q107, 157, n161
Ziná, n36, see also Adultery
Zion, K80, n114
Zoroastrians, n160